Frankish theater summer: faust with christiane reichert

Frankish theater summer: faust with christiane reichert

Hamburg, koln, mannheim, bochum, dusseldorf, hildesheim – christiane reichert has been playing and singing her way across the republic for years. Once she played "antonia", a full-figured woman who tells men in "father's day" stories turning the head. Then again, the 33-year-old asserted herself as "mother schlonzke in hape kerkeling's musical "kein pardon" (no pardon) with hair on the teeth. Gentle heroines obviously bore the wurzburg-born actress, who began her musical training at the stella academy in. August as a flirting "marthe in geyersworth castle, even "mephisto that teaches fear. Year after year, the summer theater of the theatersommer draws the frankin, who emigrated to the rhineland, back to her old home between other engagements.

Special close to the audience
"To play in 'faust I' is like a gift for me", says the electoral colleague, who will become an electoral dusseldorf resident in a few months (due to her relationship). After film and television experiences, reichert treasures the closeness to the audience, in front of which she also shows hollish and angelic facets in bamberg. Besides "gretchens neighbor plays the 33-year-old in "faust yes, a real "witch and "maria (mater dolorosa)": "as a statue i have nothing to say, but i am incredibly decorative", says the multi-talented author and director, who also works as an author and directs, with a quiet smile.

"At the theater summer, i can get involved in the entire artistic process", schwarmt christiane reichert, who learned to hate long waits for rough stage and tv productions: "there you can let yourself be makeup and then sits around smoking one after the other until you are finally challenged again". The singer and actress prefers to communicate with the audience – as she did on the first day of the show. August not until "gift, the first own solostuck, which was. August is to be experienced once again in himmelkron.

Nurnberg serial killer

Fascinated by the fate of the nun from nurnberg, who was executed in 1811, reichert wrote "the life and deaths of anna margaretha zwanziger – the psychology of a french serial killer. And slipped into her role: "on stage, I look into the life of this educated, free-thinking woman of the early 19th century from the narrative perspective. A twentieth-century actress who never had a chance." Three people poisoned twenties, whom christiane reichert sees less as monsters than as a lost soul: "perhaps in today's time, under completely different conditions, she would have become a second alice schwarzer?"

In the end, many an audience member also showed compassion in the face of the "soul strip the triple murderer. ",naaa!', an elderly lady from the last row shouted in horror after my final sentence 'and today i will be executed'." While a man confessed to the actress afterwards that he had shed tears. "I should not tell anyone about this."

Since 2009, christiane reichert has been returning summer after summer to france, a country she left in haste after graduating from high school: "back then, i was drawn to hamburg because it was already so far away." Musical training at the stella academy followed.

But the wurzburg native doesn't want to be reduced to the genre, since she doesn't think she'd make a good figure as a dancer: "i still remember a hungarian dance captain who wanted to throw me up on the stage, but couldn't get me up. In the end we swapped roles – it went better that way."

Immediately stamped
Reichert criticizes the pigeon-hole thinking in germany. "In the meantime, you can no longer call yourself a comedienne like liselotte pulver in the 1950s without immediately getting the comedy stamp on your name." This is how the actress describes herself as a "representative of the light muse" and wanders with the theatersommer from place to place through the old homeland. "Since the first tour with 'my fair lady' i have been able to live out of a suitcase, my most outstanding experience so far."

The "emigrant" learned as a visitor love franken in the past years. "The people here are by no means narrow-minded, as i thought when i was a teenager, but more open-minded than in some other regions." By the way, reichert associates bamberg with the sams: more precisely, with "frau rotkohl, in their role the actor in hildesheim at the "theater fur niedersachsen" gleaming.


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