Gift for a very young georg

gift for a very young georg

For a long time, the 23rd of. April well over a hundred men with the first name georg and a few women with the name georgine came to vierzehnheiligen to celebrate their name day with a festive service in the basilica on the commemoration day of saint georg.
In the aftermath, the organizing committee of georg vogel jr., georg lohneis, georg donath, georg meibner, georg kronecker and georg kostner existing georgen committee still a joint day trip.
Among the victims, however, there are relatively few young people, and almost no children. This means that the beautiful name georg is now completely out of fashion. Therefore, the georgen committee decided years ago to visit all newborn children with the name georg and to bring their parents a small gift for the child in the amount of 50 euros.
Recently, the georgen committee was once again able to visit a little georg in lichtenfels and was warmly welcomed by his parents anja muller and dirk schnapp.
With this action, the georgen committee wanted to bring the very nice, but hardly used first name georg back to the foreground a bit.

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