Giving refugees a chance to live a full life at home

Giving refugees a chance to live a full life at home

Migration from africa to the european union" has met with a strong response. The club cellar in the europahaus was overcrowded.

Europe looks to africa. Two unequal continents. What we europeans perceive are growing refugee flows from a country enormously rich in raw materials. Nevertheless, most of the 54 african countries are backward, have a high unemployment rate and are unable to compete on the world market with their own products. Hundreds of thousands of africans are making their way to europe. Together with schaupp, the participants searched for the answer to the "why".

It’s the big international corporations that largely dominate africa’s economy. European countries also intervene in intra-african relations. The catalog of african deficits is long. For china, africa is a gigantic project for the future in which the chinese are investing billions, but without showing any responsibility for the people and the land. In africa, corruption is anchored in the mentality of the people. It is normality. In a questionable way, corruption is also an engine for development.

There is a lack of sufficient infrastructure, efficient industries and also networking among the states to achieve political and economic success. There are deficits in the education and training of people. The list of failures and backsliding is long. There may be gradual differences between the states. Nevertheless: the black continent is threateningly cut off from progress of its own making.

Hunger and lack of medical care lead to endless suffering. Aid organizations alleviate need. The states themselves lack the means to build up social systems. Africa has the world’s fastest growing population. Of the estimated 1.3 billion people living on this continent, 40 percent are under the age of fifteen. The population explosion cannot be stopped. The cause of the growing flow of refugees into europe is the lack of opportunities for a generation to lead a meaningful, fulfilling life. They too want to share in the prosperity of the western world. The internet brings the other world to your displays.

Historical review

Dr. In his talk, schaupp went back into history, describing the conquest of first the coastal strips of africa at the beginning of the 15th century. The development of the continent by european seafaring nations in the first half of the twentieth century. Colonies were founded. The slave trade was bleeding. By 1914, all african countries had been subjugated, except for athiopia and liberia, according to schaupp. He liked to suggest that not all of africa’s misfortunes should be blamed on the former colonial powers. Africans among themselves, are at odds even without europeans. The endless civil wars prevent construction and progress. Misery is the norm in such countries.

But what happened to the billions that the world bank and europe poured into the black continent as financial and development aid??

A guest presentation by textile engineer johann vaessen was enlightening. Years ago, the successful entrepreneur made himself available as a senior advisor for africa. He described his voluntary work in a textile company with 800 employees. With many photos, he vividly demonstrated the working and living conditions there.

The last hour of this evening belonged to the debate. Can africa’s problems be solved at all?? If not, what use is our commitment?? The opposing voices were in the majority. Africa must be helped. To the "how" there were promising proposals. Africa’s disadvantage in world trade must end. Companies investing in africa must set up training programs and enforce new operating standards.

Europe is in a dilemma. The aggressive immigration of black africans is opposed by the humanity of most europeans. Europeans’ fear of foreign infiltration is real. Europeans cannot agree on migrant admission quotas. A current controversial topic in brussel.

It is the aid provided by church and private european organizations that sets the tone for the future in africa. The moderator was dieter galm..


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