Globe: some questions are still being examined, but the money is firmly pledged

The unanimous decision in february was followed by silence for the time being: as far as the plans for the globe are concerned, the city council is to receive new information in may, says legal counsel stefanie grundmann. So far, it has only been decided that the offer of the joint venture of the companies brose, HUK coburg and kaeser will be accepted. These three companies want to build the globe on the guterbahnhof site and invest three million euros in the construction themselves.
The state of bavaria has pledged a further ten million euros. This is now also available in writing, and there is a proposal as to how the financing agreement with the free state of bavaria could be changed, says grundmann. The ten million euros are due to the fact that the state of bavaria is paying for three quarters of the general renovation of the landestheater. Accordingly, he also participated in the construction of an interim stage for the theater.
A maximum amount was not specified, and it was a condition that the interim playground should not be a permanent building. That has changed – thanks mainly to michael stoschek, chairman of the brose shareholders' meeting. He had personally approached markus soder, at that time still minister of finance, and convinced him that it would make more sense for the free state to subsidize a permanent solution with a fixed amount.
It also had to be clarified under which legal conditions the city could accept the offer of the joint venture. Actually, the city had wanted to erect an interim playground at the anger and had opened a europe-wide tendering procedure for it. The fact that the city cannot easily award the contract for a globe at the guterbahnhof to the joint venture was already mentioned at the city council meeting in february. "We are still in the legal process", says stefanie grundmann. With it a specialized office is assigned. She expects, however, that this can be completed by the city council meeting in may. 

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