Great joy in hain over high visit

great joy in hain over high visit

"We were all allowed to bathe in the love of god to be strengthened for this life", heinrich bedford-strohm, bishop and chairman of the council of the protestant church in germany, said at the service to mark the 350th anniversary of the church of the holy trinity in hain.

For pastor reinhold konig, a miracle became reality for burkersdorf and hain with the visit of the regional bishop and council chairman of the protestant church in germany. Konig was able to welcome numerous former pastors and their wives to the festive service in hain.

The residents of burkersdorf and hain, tiefenklein and weides, the market town of kups, from the entire district of kronach and the deanery of ludwigsstadt kronach joined forces to help celebrate the anniversary. "At a time when the common good is increasingly being neglected, we are showing that there is another way", pastor konig rejoiced.

In his sermon, bedford-strohm emphasized god’s healing love: "through it, we learn that we need fear nothing and no one. Not from made of this earth, not from death, not from hatred and division. Not in front of people who look and think differently from us. Not from the uncertainty of the future." This message must have an impact on everyday reality.

The wall that separates us from god

Blaming others as well as ourselves is a rough wall that blocks our view of the love of god. There are many other stones: envy, avarice, ruthlessness against the weak, devaluation of other people. A first step is to become aware of this wall of separation between god and man. "We should realize that god is always helping us to remove these stones", said the bishop. Sometimes it’s only small, but very effective steps. A friendly word instead of an annoyed reaction. A prayer for a person with whom you are having a particularly hard time at the moment. Or just take a breath and sleep a night over it, before you rub someone’s nose in what he or she has done wrong. "Instead of blaming others, loving those who are next in line." This is the great reformation insight of martin luther.

"It’s just nice to be here in hain today", state bishop heinrich bedford-strohm rejoiced. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those who helped with this beautiful celebration, especially pastor reinhold konig.

"It went on and on"

"It’s our church’s birthday, and I’m glad so many have come", deputy shop steward sabine siegelin, who made an enormous contribution to the anniversary, was delighted. For 350 years, people have borne their worries, their sorrows and their joys in this church. "And she has endured it all." In the 350 years the future of the hainer kirchlein was often threatened. Once the pastorate was deserted for 47 years. "But it went on and on", emphasized sabine siegelin. "We also hope for the future."

"What a changeable up and down", said state synod member and dean dorothea richter about the history of the hain church. In the beginning, the parish had many young priests, who later left. Even today, efforts are being made to attract suitable applicants to our beautiful region. Regional bishop bedford-strohm suggested to show in a video the unbelievable many positive arguments for this region.

A strong sign

Today we are all a little proud, emphasized district administrator klaus loffler. It was a strong sign for the region that bishop bedford-strohm came to the district of kronach. "You are doing a fantastic job", he also praised dean dorothea richter. It does an enormous amount for the people entrusted to it in the district of kronach. In turbulent times, it is important to stand up for our values and ideals. Church and political leaders had to work together to break down dividing walls. "For our market town, it is already something special, a great honor and joy, to be able to bury the highest spiritual and spiritual leader of the protestant church in germany here in hain", the mayor of kupser burgermeister bernd rebhan was enthusiastic. The official presentation of the chronicle, which had been compiled by the last teacher of hain, dieter baer, was a great success.

The church service was performed by the deanery trombone choir (conducted by andreas thiel), the trombone choir (conducted by sebastian krugel), the singing group (conducted by manuela ruf) and claudia weid (solo singing) as well as markus blomenhofer on the organ.

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