Grobalarm: fire proves to be half as wild

Grobalarm: fire proves to be half as wild

"Barn fire in geisfeld" was the message that prompted 150 firefighters from about a dozen district fire departments to get into their gear and go out in the early hours of sunday morning. At the time, they still had to assume that there might be a serious danger to people in the middle of the village, possibly between residential buildings.

"But fortunately that was not the case", reports district fire inspector thomas renner, because on site it turned out that only a small shed outside the village was on fire. Neither humans nor animals were in danger. The structure resembling a carport housed heu.

The majority of the team members were able to go home right away. The fire departments from geisfeld, leesten and litzendorf had cleared out the burning hay within an hour to get at the embers and extinguished the fire.

According to information from the police yesterday, sunday, it is currently assumed that the animal feed is self-destructed. There are currently no indications of any other cause of the fire.

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