Hardly affordable in an honorary capacity

Hardly affordable in an honorary capacity

"What will be the future position of the district or city fire chief, or other senior firefighters??" This question was asked by the deputy district chairman karl georg kolb at the 19. County association and commanders’ service meeting. Kolb knows what he’s talking about, since he himself holds the post of city fire chief in aschaffenburg.

"One had to think about it on the municipal level, that the fire department leaders often could no longer do this on a voluntary basis" – a cleanup that did not necessarily evoke storms of enthusiasm, either from the district administrator or from the numerous mayors and mandate holders present. This – in his opinion "revolutionary thought" already a few weeks ago, city fire inspector harald albert briefly mentioned this on the occasion of the annual general meeting of the kissinger fire department. The city fire chief from the lower mainland put this idea into concrete terms.

It may be possible or necessary to employ such firefighters in the building yards or in the town councils, or to provide them with a paid employee, such as a secretary, so that they can continue to do voluntary work despite the enormous increase in paperwork. Unfortunately, there is no clear regulation for this throughout bavaria.

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