How a peacock brought steve jobs and larry ellison together

How a peacock brought steve jobs and larry ellison together

One morning, the peacock wandered onto ellison’s neighboring property and woke him with its calls after a hard night’s work. When ellison went to jobs to complain, the apple founder only said: "i don’t like that bird either."He promptly secured ellison’s support to convince the girlfriend to get rid of the peacock again.

In the years that followed, ellison became a close confidant of jobs, despite the obvious differences between the two IT leaders. While the apple founder, who died last october, shied away from publicity, ellison likes to flaunt his billions earned with oracle and has a weakness for dusenjets and fast sailboats.

However, this did not detract from the friendship of the two charismatic men. In jobs’ biography, we already read that ellison offered the then expelled apple founder in the mid-1990s to simply buy the company for him. Shortly afterwards, however, jobs made a triumphant return to apple under his own steam.

Now ellison told how he sometimes suffered from the merciless perfectionism of jobs. Like when pixar, the jobs-owned animation studio, was working on its first rough film. "I have "toy story" seen 73 times," ellison complained to the D10. "Larry, the shadows look completely different now, it’s incredible," jobs had advertised, for example. In the same way, ellison had to serve as a test customer again and again when jobs was fine-tuning the concept of the future apple stores in a converted hall.


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