How self-critical are bundesliga coaches??

How self-critical are Bundesliga coaches??

Marco kurz, long-suffering coach of the last-place team in the table 1. FC kaiserslautern, also. Felix magath, who has been talking up his transfer policy at vfl wolfsburg for months, and hertha’s "savior" otto rehhagel, who sees doubts about his person as an insult to his majesty, are rather alien to such behavior.

How self-critical can and must a trainer be?? This is also part of the training at the fubball teacher training course in koln. "It depends on what his position is in the club," says psychological trainer and sports scientist werner mickler in an interview with dpa. "Someone like tuchel has strong support at mainz and doesn’t have to be afraid of losing his job."

The basic prerequisite for admitting one’s own mistakes is that the coach must be strong enough to deal with criticism – for example from his own coaching staff. "The tactics in the first half today were the wrong ones for this game. The way we played before the break is on me today," tuchel admitted in dortmund. His colleague from lute had previously described the 0:4 defeat in the derby in mainz as the "low point" of his time in office and said: "i did a bad job."The 42-year-old could no longer be completely sure of his job.

If you communicate openly with the outside world, says sports psychologist mickler, you take the pressure off the team and show the players that they won’t be taken to the cleaners. Even bayern coach jupp heynckes recently stood up to his professionals and admitted that, given the dazzling prospects after the first half of the season, they may have been "a bit careless" in the winter. As the "person responsible for the whole", he also has to accept criticism in view of the current crisis.

"Admitting mistakes is a strong and it also makes the person human," says mickler. "If it happens more often, however, then it can be interpreted as weak."Holger stanislawski’s emotional performances ("i’ll be honest: i’m in charge, and if i’m not able to get the players activated so that the team works, then it’s up to the coach") caused irritation at 1899 hoffenheim. The results didn’t add up anyway – and so the trainer had to leave very quickly.

Being a soft touch isn’t the right way to appear confident either. "If it’s obvious to everyone that this isn’t true, then there’s no point," explains mickler. Especially since in the bundesliga, the enormous media scrutiny means that every awkward or wrong word spreads in no time at all. In the soccer teacher training course, the coaches are prepared for this – with rhetoric and communication courses, role-playing games, strategies for public relations work. "But when they come in in real situations, everything is always different again," says mickler.

"A coach doesn’t do everything right, even if i try to be pretty correct," says HSV coach thorsten fink. "I try to talk a lot with the players, to be as fair as possible."Long-time bundesliga "loudspeaker" christoph daum, most recently a failure at eintracht frankfurt, was and is never at a loss for an explanation – and even has one on how to deal with himself. "My self-critical review must be that, from my point of view, I did everything in my power. Otherwise, it became difficult for me to cope with defeats," he said in an interview with the magazine "eleven friends".


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