“I am addicted to praise”

She was one of the biggest serial stars of the 80s and 90s and a real ratings magnet: thekla carola wied. Today (20.3 p.M., ARD), she can be seen in the endearing comedy "1:0 fur das gluck" as a strict teacher who only thaws out when she unexpectedly has to coach her school’s football team and falls in love with the janitor played by peter sattmann.
Mrs. Wied, you became famous in the 80s with one of the most popular series in german tv history, "i’m marrying a family" made you the mother of the nation..
Thekla carola wied: people always forget that "i’m marrying a family" only ran for three years and only had 15 episodes, but people still talk to me about it today, it’s amazing. It was of course helpful to suddenly become so well known, but it wasn’t easy to shed this image as the mother of the nation.
No more series are offered to you today?
After my last series, "anna marx – at your own risk", I said publicly that I would not make any more series, and that was the end of the case. I love to get into different characters over and over again.
You were born in 1944, others are already thinking about retirement. What does your professional future look like??
Now that I’m not only getting older biologically, but also more mature, I want to play more broken characters. There’s enough for my age group, but not enough for my taste.
Is it true that you objected to the originally planned title "1:0 for love"??
Yes, because in my filmography there are already so many films with the word love, I’m starting to feel silly.
You play a teacher who loves soccer and is supposed to lead a school team to victory as a coach. Are you a football fan yourself??
No, I do watch important games at rough tournaments with my husband, but not anymore.
Then in the soccer scenes you didn’t really understand what you were saying as a coach?
No way! Before filming, i familiarized myself with the rules a bit, and my husband explained to me what offside and offside trap are and all these stories. Well, I understood what it was all about during the filming, but I certainly couldn’t whistle a game now. Besides, when we were on vacation in the austrian mountains, we looked for a flat spot and kicked the ball a bit..
…So that they don’t kick the ball the wrong way and cause the male viewers of the film to become agonized.
Exactly. I didn’t know at that point that I only had to play a little myself. The film was shot in berlin, by the way, and i spent a morning watching hertha BSC train and kicked a little myself, but not with the players, of course. I was deeply impressed by their physical performance.
You play a very strict teacher at first, who only discovers her warm-hearted side in the course of the film. Was her father, who was a teacher himself, also such a crammer??
You know, my father was born in 1890 and was of preubian strictness. His educational maxims were from another time.
…And they don’t like to talk about it so much. Then why don’t you tell us about the teachers you had at school when you were a child?? What were they like back in the 50s??
I went to a humanistic high school, where I had very humane, tolerant teachers. They wanted results from us without pressure – with the result that we did very little work for the school. The pressure came from my sisters and me then from the parental home. In retrospect, however, i am grateful to my father for the fact that i successfully finished school with the baccalaureate.
The teacher you play is determined to win the school cup with the school team because she lacks recognition in life. How important is recognition to you?
I am even downright addicted to praise – sometimes I am so cheeky that I directly demand a round of praise. But of course you also have to learn to appreciate compliments, because in our industry, flattery says little about the true value of a job. And if you want praise, you should actually be able to take criticism in the same mabe. I come from the theater, and in the 70s it was common for colleagues to criticize each other quite unrestrainedly – that’s hard to bear.


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