Important facts are still missing for forming an opinion on the campus

It looked as if the women’s list could finally work through the issues of the past year. But unfortunately, not all the facts about the projects in question have been clarified yet. There is still a lack of reliable statements and information on the lukas cranach campus issue to enable a general opinion to be formed.

Petra zenkel-schirmer reported on the meeting with representatives of the universities, business enterprises and politics at banz castle, which was intended to show how it was possible to put the lucas cranach campus on a sound footing. "Many things are being discussed, but in all these considerations one must also look at the local economy. There are the local companies to consider, and the raw material of the frankenwald is wood. Could we not realize good ideas there?", said verena alt.

On 17. May will be the "golden apple awarded in the synagogue. Two women are to be honored for their many years of volunteer work.

International women’s day is in preparation; again it is women from all committees who will design the program under the leadership of lisa gratzke. The flyer for this is still in the planning stage. There was unanimous agreement that the time available would not be sufficient to deal with all the issues that still needed to be addressed. One hopes to include in the retreat still some time. This is to be awarded on 6. April 2019 will take place.

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