In the triad old, cheeky and colorful

In the triad old, cheeky and colorful

They are always good for a surprise, the five singing ladies of the "dreiklang" from wiesenbronn. At the wine festival this weekend the singing ensemble will celebrate its 30th anniversary. The motto: "older – bolder – more colorful".

One, or to be more precise, even two, premieres for the festival. Their very first CD will be available, for which the quintet of katrin stenger, antja polat, barbara ackermann, annette schmidt and barbara becker has been in the recording studio. In addition to their traditional dirndls, the clothing collection of the triad is to be expanded by a new, somewhat more exotic form. With fabrics directly from india, all five have had a sari made for them. "They are really colorful," says barbara becker and arouses curiosity.

More they do not tell, because the premiere with the saris is only at the concert on the festival itself, not before. And as is typical for the group, which was formed in 1982 from a girls’ choir to sing at the opening of the wiesenbronn wine festival: "the clothes are completely different, just like us," reveals katrin stenger. She was the only one who was always at the triad, which was once founded by mina hader. All the others paused in between, or joined in later. Up to twelve people were in the singing group in between. Dreiklang was chosen as the name because the group usually sings in three voices, even with five of them.

On the wine festival days sunday and monday, 5. Monday and 6. August, invite you to the theater barn of the winery hofmann. All former singers and wine princesses were also invited to meet again on. Many have confirmed their coming and even reached into their closet to bring the dirndls of yesteryear. "That’s sub, our daughter wears our old dirndls," says barbara becker with a smile. Fits like a glove, she is not the only one to notice when her daughter miriam shows off one of the dresses from back then. There are about 40 pieces in the collection.

The cd will also be available on the festival weekend, which was recorded in one day in the recording studio by the dreiklang. "We had the idea in the back of our minds for years, but we didn’t dare to do it. For the 30th anniversary we thought, now we’ll do it," reveals katrin stenger. Instead of a chronicle or some kind of memoir, a sound recording would suit them much better, she says. By the way, the last professional recording was made in the age of cassettes, in 1992.

Each of the singers was allowed to contribute her own songs to the songs included on the CD. With some we were equal, with others we just had to pay out. We haven’t had any arguments or stress in 30 years," says antja polat, describing democracy among friends. The singing in the recording studio was "very exciting," with each team having to sing its part individually. What came out of it can be heard.

30 years dreiklang: the dreiklang celebrates anniversary with music, a dirndl fashion show, photos and many anecdotes. On sunday, 5. August, at 14 o’clock and at 15.30 o’clock the program will start. In addition, the ladies are on monday, 6. August, to see. Location of the event is the theaterscheune in the immediate vicinity of the festplatz in the winery hofmann.

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