ios – Core Information crashes whereas trying to learn exterior information

I’ve an iOS app that shops photos in Core Information utilizing Exterior Storage. Once in a while I get crash stories with the next error (on this specific occasion it is operating on a M1 Mac by way of Catalyst):

Unable to open file with path /Customers/person/Library/Group Containers/group.myapp/.myapp_SUPPORT/_EXTERNAL_DATA/61681DBF-B1A4-4325-9104-E21A1218F046 (92)

The related stack hint bit appears like this:

0  CoreFoundation +0xfc408  __exceptionPreprocess
1  libobjc.A.dylib +0x1aea4 objc_exception_throw
2  CoreData +0x12cda0       +[_PFRoutines readExternalReferenceDataFromFile:]
3  CoreData +0xe9db8        -[_PFExternalReferenceData _attemptToMapData:]
4  CoreData +0xd7894        -[_PFExternalReferenceData _retrieveExternalData]
5  Basis +0x46f2f8     specialised static Information._unconditionallyBridgeFromObjectiveC(_:)
6  MyApp +0x15eb80          Picture.thumbnailImage.getter (Picture.swift:25:22)

All I am doing in Picture.swift:25:22 is declaring a variable with the contents of the picture:

let information = self.thumbnail // 'thumbnail' is my Binary Information attribute 

I’ve tried to breed this crash on my machine by deliberately deleting, corrupting and altering permissions on exterior storage information however that does not work.

Does anybody have the slightest thought of what is going on on, or the way to stop or repair this?

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