ios – How you can examine if consumer has granted Multipeer Connectivity to hook up with different units?

I am beginning to use iOS’ Multipeer Connectivity and have the next:

class Connector : NSObject, ObservableObject
    @Printed var friends = [MCPeerID]()
    @Printed var occasion: String?

    personal let serviceType = "app"
    personal let peerId = MCPeerID(displayName: UIDevice.present.title)
    personal let serviceAdvertiser: MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser
    personal let serviceBrowser: MCNearbyServiceBrowser
    personal let session: MCSession

    personal let log = Logger()

    override init()
        session = MCSession(peer: peerId, securityIdentity: nil, encryptionPreference: .none)
        serviceAdvertiser = MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser(peer: peerId,
                                                      discoveryInfo: ["event" : "hello"],
                                                      serviceType: serviceType)
        serviceBrowser = MCNearbyServiceBrowser(peer: peerId, serviceType: serviceType)


        session.delegate = self
        serviceAdvertiser.delegate = self
        serviceBrowser.delegate = self



extension Connector : MCNearbyServiceAdvertiserDelegate
    func advertiser(_ advertiser: MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser, didNotStartAdvertisingPeer error: Error)
        log.error("ServiceAdvertiser didNotStartAdvertisingPeer: (String(describing: error))")

    func advertiser(_ advertiser: MCNearbyServiceAdvertiser,
                    didReceiveInvitationFromPeer peerID: MCPeerID,
                    withContext context: Information?,
                    invitationHandler: @escaping (Bool, MCSession?) -> Void)
    {"didReceiveInvitationFromPeer (peerID)")

... <fundamental different delegate stuff> ...

After I first create a Connector object, iOS pops up a typical alert asking if the consumer permits discovering and connecting to different units (along with the obligatory .plist privateness textual content I’ve set).

After I faucet “Do not Permit”, the advertiser(_:didNotStartAdvertisingPeer:) delegate methodology shouldn’t be referred to as. I additionally do not see something within the iOS APIs by which I can see (later, e.g. when app restarts) if the consumer has granted this or not.

Is there a means to determine what the consumer had chosen, like that is attainable with digital camera entry, location entry, …?

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