Jokes at the expense of the giecher

Jokes at the expense of the giecher

40 years of carnival meetings in scheblitz, they are already very proud of this, the schaatzer carnival jesters. It all started in 1976 under the direction of franz baumel after the incorporation of the stadium. In the jubilee year, the chairman of the "scheblitzer vereine e" reigned as the new session president at the two sold-out carnival sessions.V." And 2. Mayor reinhold soder (CSU).

But then the dancers of dream’n dance swept over the stage and immediately showed their talent with their march. At the show dance "journey through the music history" they presented the dances rehearsed by tanja fuchs and cornelia zeck.

The dance team, coached by christine goppert, also shone. A feast for the eyes, how the girls mastered even the difficult passages in their choreographic journey across america seemingly without any muhelos. Last year the madels had won the third place at the german championships.

With drums and timpani they buried the "rap top" under the leadership of birgit wurdack to the jubilee their admirers. As the only black colored man robert schwarzmann was allowed to accompany them on the drum. Their recurring rap: "the prunksitzung turns forty!" Also at the schaatzer carnival song with the new pre-singers christina and alexander betz the masked visitors thawed out.

With klaus buck, alias hucky climbed again a well-known bard into the butt. Not only in world politics, but also in schaatz a lot is going wrong: in the schiebgraben, one pothole follows another. His addition dealt with his condition when he came out of the cronna with five mab or more.

With such difficulties the funken and dance mariechen leonie knauer, alina kohler, madlen hauptmann, sarah zenk and the alpenrockduo lea kroack and anne ziegler had no problems. Muhelos, with enormous jumps they inspired.

Giecher bakes asparagus liverkas

Many were eagerly awaiting the firefighters managed by martin dippold. Plotzlich stormed the giecher back on the stage and praised all his dozens of different liver cassettes. The hall went wild, especially when he announced the latest asparagus-liverkas. But the people of scheblitz also had a lot to complain about: no more butcher and no more baker, still no traffic lights at the elisabethenkirche and, after 30 years, still no second exit from the freeway. That can only be endured with beer, of which there are thankfully still a few gas stations in town.

Former session president and current mayor roland kauper had to fight against such a concentrated dramaturgy during his speech on the butte. He told of the many treats he always gets as a congratulator and of course does not miss them. The only drawback is that his weight keeps increasing. He tries to counteract this by cycling, but this does not really work with the e-bike.

Carmen gries and thomas rauch also went back in time in their performance. They caught up on their honeymoon on the stage. Gries later came on stage again solo and reported as an "old maid" from their lives. Even "german virgin of honor she said. The dragon from the nibelungen saga came down from the mountain of kubelstein to scheblitz, gorged himself on virgins here in town, but in giech he bit his teeth out, she reported, earning a salvo of laughter. But how they exposed holger dremel as a thief of golden potatoes and forks in order to save themselves, brought even the latter to a declarative note.

Another highlight was when moni dremel and heike ziegmann founded a new "schaatzer women’s party" (SFP) wanted to found. Moni knew how things were going in politics, since her husband was in munich. The two newcomers, however, had more the shopping streets of the state capital in their sights. Their demand: "we need a shopping mall in schaatz like the maximilianstrabe in munich." But in scheblitz they had to merge with a hardware store – for the manner. Other demands: horgerate for all manners, because they never listen; valentine’s gifts; thermomix for all; and a new train station for the city. There was thunderous applause for it.

Heroes in tights

The "heroes in tights" too the fire department, coached by nicole landvogt-domsz, were celebrated. While the first part of the troupe was not really convincing with their group exercises, it became really exciting with the entry of the female guard. The mustaches under the peruks, the shimmering red under the tight blouses, the curves under the skirts: especially the female fans got their money’s worth. With elvis was their "coca cola rock a high point.

The ellertaler heimatklange under conductor tobias mager accompanied the five-hour evening musically with schunkel rounds.The organization had been mastered excellently by robert schwarzmann and his helpers.

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