Karl-theodor zu guttenberg speaks plain language without clarity in kulmbach

Karl-theodor zu guttenberg speaks plain language without clarity in kulmbach

He returns to politics? Or does he leave it alone? For the approximately 1500 listeners, mostly gutenberg supporters, who had come to and from the kulmbach town hall, this was the real, the central question. Those who had expected an answer saw themselves disappointed once again yesterday. The baron did not comment on his political future. The clear text promised in advance on posters did not create any clarity on this point.

After all, when addressing his supporters, he spoke of his "own abysmal failure" in connection with the once-false dissertation, which was not mentioned at all and all necessary consequences, which it took in this connection on itself. But he also spoke of the fact that "at some point it has to be good". I guess that means: zu guttenberg has put the matter of the dissertation on the file. What could be concluded from this, he left open.

In other respects, the former defense minister avoided the lectern and, in a kind of self-moderation, took his listeners on a tour of a world in disarray in his eloquent manner. A performance not entirely free of show elements, light-hearted remarks and little quips. But: zu guttenberg was able to move in a field where he feels safest, in aubenpolitik. The USA and president donald trump led the way. Despite all the understandable criticism of the new president, the election campaigner zu guttenberg did not want to miss the opportunity to point out that a dismissal of trump is rather unlikely. The germans in particular should continue to work on a good relationship with the USA and maintain contacts with the sensible heads of state.

Unsurprisingly, turkey, russia, north korea, china and the entire middle east were named as the hotspots of the crisis. He was particularly critical of the role of the west, which was increasingly in danger of falling apart. Just the despots in all world set on a supervision of the west, in order to be able to fathom and exhaust all the better her borders.
In this context, the role of angela merkel would be all the more important, according to guttenberg's findings. Because: "angela merkel can deal with male alphatians. I have experienced this firsthand." Important for the speaker, because the state of europe is not the best either. A worrying lack of solidarity and an increase in nationalist forces are to be diagnosed. In europe, therefore, not only a strong france was needed, but also new impulses and projects that could arouse passion for the old continent.

The campaigner's conclusion: in the current turbulent times around the world, it is particularly important that responsibility for government remains with the union. He must have spoken from the heart of the majority of his listeners.


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