Kronach is ready for the city spectacle

Roland wich asks his father-in-law if he should order ten more kilos of bread. Arnold sohnlein shrugs his shoulders.

The two of them are not organizing a huge barbecue. No, they organize the set-up of the kronach city spectacle for their clubs. Wich is chairman of the SV hofles and is grateful that the sale of food and drink can make a little extra money for the club. Even if it is very exhausting for him: "the week before and after the city spectacle I hardly see my family", says wich "this is all a heidenauand!" He has to think of everything for his stands and coordinate the 40 or so helpers. Fits the wiring? Are the roofs sealed? "Now comes the finishing touches, I hope we haven't forgotten anything." Like the can opener for the cucumber cans. He has often been absent from past city spectacles. "But this year I have it", assures wich and laughs.

Father-in-law arnold sohnlein is wich's counterpart, except that he is in charge of the youth orchestra and makes sure that everything goes well at the town spectacle. The second chairman of the association sits on a bench in front of the town hall and makes a relaxed impression. "During the construction week i was not here." He didn't have time, he says. Since yesterday morning, however, he is also fully involved. "We will probably work 16 hours a day until sunday", he says. Not to mention the 45 hours it takes to set up and tear down the bowling alley.

Buhne violates safety regulations
Kerstin low comes quickly around the corner. The head of the kronach tourist office keeps an eye on everything, talks to the set-up teams. To ensure that she can always be reached, a radio is attached to her belt. Everything has gone well so far, she emphasizes. And even the shock of two weeks ago has been digested. Then she learned that the stage that was used in the past no longer complies with current safety regulations. Contacts to the "kronach leuchtet" team had helped to find replacements. The stage as well as the technology low now gets from them, which is even more favorable than the old solution. Still, she has one thing on her mind: "my biggest worry is that it will rain tomorrow." With anxious gaze upward she bids farewell.

A few meters away, a man is working on an overgrown bellows. Walter sohnlein says he is "the house and court blacksmith" the kronach knighthood. He forges swords and daggers – visitors to the city spectacle can watch him do it. The man with the powerful hand jerk has not had any stress. "We started setting up early on thursday and we've been busy for two days in total." Now he is just looking forward to the city spectacle.

Should he get hungry, he can get food from his cousin, arnold sohnlein. He hopes that the 20 kilos of bread will be enough. "If not, on sunday is open for business", he says. "Right", says his son-in-law and moves on.

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