Kurbisfest in furth am berg

Kurbisfest in furth am berg

Cucurbits are part of autumn, and since the youth group of the fruit and horticulture association furth am berg – the "stoppelhopser" – has been allowed to cultivate a field belonging to klaus wittmann for several years, the children grow their own cucurbits. There is still room for a few potatoes in the field. This year, the cucumbers and potatoes were quite small because of the lack of rain. But this is at the same time a learning effect for the young gardeners. For the monthly group lessons run under the motto play, go out into nature, do handicrafts and learn something.

For the autumn event, a meeting was held at the old school to carve faces into the cucumbers. A few coarser cranks were added so that each child could realize his or her idea. Some looked very friendly, while others had creepy grimaces. Afterwards, glow-in-the-dark lasers were made before everyone enjoyed some cucurbit bread and jam made from the fruits of the meadow orchard.

Two days later, the church parish hall was decorated and the kurbis festival was celebrated together with the parents. All had dressed up and of course there were many sublimes. The evening ended with a lantern parade, accompanied by the fire truck of the furth am berg fire department. That impressed the boys in particular. In the vicinity of the youth shelter an autumn fire was lit: a nice end to the festival. Some kurbis were placed at the village fountain, but most of the children took theirs home with them.


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