Last shot for the fourth franken-tatort: investigation in the canteen of the quelle area

Last shot for the fourth franken-tatort: investigation in the canteen of the quelle area

There is not much left in the quelle main building in nurnberg to remind us of what was once the world's most modern mail-order company. Eternally empty corridors, hardly any furniture, the second largest empty building in germany leaves the visitor with a rather oppressive feeling. But life has returned to one of the many rooms – at least briefly. The franken homicide commission spent the last six weeks filming the fourth franken crime scene "i'm not killing anyone" from the former executive cafeteria (direction: max farberbock).

Kirsten hager stands between filing cabinets, desks and photos of the murder weapon. The producer looks around with satisfaction. Not only because the room was designed in detail and today the last flap fell here. But also because the entire team after more than 20 shooting days again a positive "franken-fazit" draws. "We were welcomed with open arms", hager is happy. The search for suitable motifs took two months in nurnberg and the surrounding area and was supported by the people of the region – and not just because of the almost 400 compartments. "In the meantime, for example, we were missing a house as a filming location. Practically all of franconia joined in."

Nurnberg remains most important location

In the past five weeks, filming had taken place at several locations in nurnberg, erlangen and the surrounding area, including the police headquarters in central franconia and in the nurnberg district of st. Johannis. Especially the crew fell in love with the middle french city, said editor stephanie heckner. It was not by chance that the city has such an important role in all parts – and will continue to do so in the future. "The homicide commission needs a place from which to operate."

It is unlikely, however, that the actors will be investigating the fifth tatort mainly from the police station in the former quelle building. The next part, according to heckner, will be set in another region of france. Where, will not be revealed. "In any case, this part is again the character of the region erzahlen", according to heckner. And of course to satisfy the longing of those fans who would like to see the tatort set in other parts of france. The accusation of being too fixated on central franconia has of course also reached the production team.

Content: brother and sister are brutally murdered

In "i'm not killing anyone" a brother and sister are brutally beaten to death in nurnberg, while the members of the franken homicide squad celebrate the opening of felix voss' new apartment. The victims are a brother and sister, both in their late 50s, who came to germany from libya many years ago. Her foster son, a popular and highly talented student, was in the victims' house at the time of the crime and has since disappeared. Was he a witness? Or even tater?
Days later a colleague of the nurnberg police dies during a car trip. The dead man was a very close friend of chief inspector paula ringelhahn. Shortly before the double murder he had tried to reach it. A clue found at the crime scene brings together the murder of the two siblings and the dead colleague …

Discussion about french dialect

Once again the preserved team around paula ringelhahn (dagmar manzel), felix voss (fabian hinrichs), wanda goldwasser (eli wasserscheid), sebastian fleischer (andreas leopold schadt) and michael schatz (matthias egersdorfer) tries to solve the case. Especially the french actors wasserscheid, egersdorfer and schadt have witnessed the discussion about the right or wrong use of the french dialect. Eli wasserscheid from bamberg finds it "interesting that the criticism is so severe". Andreas leopold schadt, who was born in hofen and has since moved to coburg for love, becomes more explicit. "I find it strange that this is being discussed at all." Franken is multifaceted and versatile and cannot be limited to one region or dialect.

In the first franken-tatort "heaven is a place on earth" had switched on 12,11 viewers, the second part "the right to worry" 8.41 million people watched. In the third film "at the end you go naked" the quota was 8.16 million.

Broadcast in the spring of 2018

As a broadcast date for "i kill no one" is scheduled for the spring of 2018. Stephanie heckner can't say anything more specific yet. But the producer promises that fans can look forward to an "emotionally tough" crime scene can look forward.

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