Letter to avert billboard

The city council remains skeptical about the erection of billboards. Even if it meant coming into conflict with the building code. Therefore, the planned erection of an advertising facility on the site of the telekom technical building by OB-da aubenwerbung in seeshofer strabe has now been put on the table again. The building committee had rejected the project in september. Therefore now the landratsamt raised admonishingly the index finger. Should the city continue to reject the project, the supervisory authority had to replace the agreement. The planned billboard is not objectionable from a building law point of view.

For this reason, the city's master builder, detlef mohr, suggested that the project be approved, and the mayor, armin warmuth, also sees no legal grounds for opposing it. Second mayor reimar gluckler renewed his doubts, repeatedly voiced in recent years, about the design of the public space by means of coarse advertising installations. After the collapsing roads, the town center is now being approached more and more closely.

Alexander stolz sees a moral responsibility on the part of telekom, which wanted to earn money by erecting the billboard on its land. Years ago, the city had left the land to the state postal service for little money. Now telekom should accommodate the city's wish to do away with the billboard. In this sense, the mayor should write to the company.

After the city council again rejected the project by a vote of 12 to eight, mayor warmuth agreed to write the letter in question. However, he made it clear that he had little hope of being heard.

Whether or not the board will be erected depends on the will of telekom. If it sticks to its plans, the district administration will probably allow the building project to go ahead. 

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