Many ideas for the ailing autumn organ in lahm

Many ideas for the ailing autumn organ in lahm

The historic autumn organ in the castle church of lahm is in need of renovation. The church community has already spent around 60,000 euros in the past few years on expert reports that precisely record the damaged condition of the valuable instrument. How a comprehensive renovation can be financed is currently still completely unclear. But at least there is now an artistic perspective for the autumn organ.

Lucas pohle, professor at the evangelische hochschule fur kirchenmusik, will take over the artistic direction of the traditional lahm concerts in mid september. Pohle will give a lecture on sunday, 19. September, the first concert in the schlosskirche since the beginning of the corona crisis will form. "In dialogue with bach is the motto of the performance, in which he will combine works by johann sebastian bach with improvisations on themes by bach. In an interview, pohle gives an insight into his plans for the autumn organ.

Which basic lines do you want to implement in the future for this concert series??

The heinrich-gottlieb-herbst organ of the castle church in lahm

(itzgrund) from 1732 is for various reasons one of the most valuable organs in the whole of bavaria and is a cultural monument of international importance. To make this instrument known to a growing number of listeners is my aim. This will require concerts with renowned organists, but also a wide range of programs, for example in conjunction with historical instruments. The rich musical tradition, which was established in the castle church in the 18th century, is still alive. The organ, which was maintained in the eighteenth century, is both a model and an incentive. As in earlier years, the autumn organ is an important teaching instrument for the university of protestant church music in bayreuth, which is ideally suited for the interpretation of the organ music of johann sebastian bach.

The historic autumn organ in the castle church is to be renovated. How do you experience the current condition of this valuable instrument? Where is the problem??

In fact, the organ is currently in a pitiful condition. Reliable playability for concerts can only be established temporarily; there is extensive mold infestation. Extensive work is needed on both the playing facilities and the pipework.

What do you think is the special attraction of this instrument?? How does it differ from other organs of the time??

For the french, even for the bavarian organ landscape, the autumn organ is something special with its central german character. It is rich in reed stops (special feature: a 32 fub trombone in the quite small church!) and strings. Even if it cannot be proven that johann sebastian bach influenced the design of the instrument through his nephew johann lorenz, who worked in lahm, he certainly liked it very much. Heinrich gottlieb herbst’s more famous contemporary gottfried silbermann, who pragmatized the saxonian organ landscape, certainly did not meet with bach’s complete approval with his beautiful but tonally less varied organs.

Even though the organ renovation project is still in its infancy: are there any plans for benefit concerts for the renovation??

From the year 2022 onwards, all concerts in lahm will have a benefit character. However, this will by no means be sufficient to finance the necessary repair and restoration work. We are dependent on demand means and rough sponsors. I would like to get involved, among other things with organ tours in upper franconia starting next year. Several consecutive concerts in different churches are intended to raise interest for the "queen of instruments" the donations received will be used for the restoration of the organ in lahm. Bach’s organ works form the reference to the "bach organ frankens in lahm.

Around the autumn organ and the concerts in lahm

Cultural tip "in dialogue with bach – organ concert with lucas pohle – sunday, 19. September, 5 p.M., lahm castle church. – at this concert, the 3G rule currently in force in the county will be applied. With observance of the distances as well as with mask obligation there are about 100 seats available.

Lucas pohle has church music, organ (u. A. Studied with leo van doeselaar) and improvisation (with wolfgang seifen) in leipzig and dresden and passed all exams "with distinction" completes. It has won prizes in various organ competitions and is held in high esteem by the international public and the specialist press alike. As a church musician he last worked at the famous nikolai-church in leipzig, before he followed a call as a professor at the hochschule fur evangelische kirchenmusik bayreuth for the summer semester 2021.

Herbst organ in 1731 the "precious and beautiful organ work of mr. Gottlieb heinrich herbst, organ builder of halberstadt, … Erected. Whereupon finally on the sunday jubilate d. 4. May 1732 the solo inauguration", it says in a chronicle. Distributed among hauptwerk, oberwerk and pedal, the herbst organ comprises a total of 29 stops. The church was commissioned by baron adam heinrich gottlieb von lichtenstein zu lahm, who in 1728 wanted to build a new castle church in place of the old one. Baron von lichtenstein had studied architecture in paris and designed the church building himself in the style of the french baroque. The organ was last thoroughly restored at the beginning of the 1980s.


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