Markus huth in bad bruckenau: animals as a real challenge

Markus huth in bad bruckenau: animals as a real challenge

In times of the internet and globalization, things are possible that otto normal consumers could not have imagined before. There are even special websites where people with a thirst for experience can apply for the job of pet sitter – usually for a precisely defined period of time. Journalist and photographer markus huth has taken the plunge.

In a small circle, the 37-year-old created an entertaining evening for the rhon audience at a joint event of the city’s cultural office and the gallery form+color. The focus of the varied reading was, of course, huth’s current book "mit 80 viechern um die welt" ("around the world with 80 animals"), which has already attracted a lot of media attention in recent weeks. Afterwards, the author also answered the audience’s questions about his not exactly everyday occupation, which he carried out for around one and a half years.

Curiosity and naivety

In his statements, huth by no means conceals the fact that, in addition to the proverbial healthy curiosity, he also had a portion of naivete in play. After all, the first job on la gomera had turned out to be quite easy in principle. But that’s not how being a pet sitter should stay. For example, on a horse ranch in bulgaria, real challenges awaited the "cowboy in training" real challenges that he was not always up to. Instead of riding high on horseback through the area, the first thing was to clean up dirt low to the ground.

So back to la gomera, where he finds the woman for life with nena. Now it’s time to go on tour, and right away to canada. There, the two adventurers had to deal intensively with the constantly chattering budgie wasabi and the giant dog chester, a leonberger. "With coarse dog comes coarse pile, is an experience that huth will probably never erase from his memory. And the penetrating voice of the little bird is still ringing in his ears today.

Not always obedient thick-skinned people

The couple is more tempted by the exoticism they expect from a trip to sri lanka. The program in asia is unexpectedly rich in contrasts. The globetrotters work both on a cinnamon plantation and with not always obedient thick-skinned animals at an elephant foundation.

The author recounts his experiences at the reading in bad bruckenau in a completely unagitated manner and with such composure that you simply have to believe every word he says. Some passages produce loud laughs, other descriptions of human fates make one pensive for the moment. On a screen in the background impressive pictures run, which supplement the spoken word in various forms.

Without any major injuries

Despite all the challenges and obstacles, huth survived his one-and-a-half-year intermezzo as an animal sitter around the globe without any serious bodily or mental injuries. With his wife nena and his little son josef, he has now settled on the canary island of la gomera.

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