Mayor christine konrad will not run again in 2020

Mayor christine konrad will not run again in 2020

A good year before the municipal elections, it is clear that after eight years in office, dettelbach’s mayor christine konrad will not run again for dettelbach’s free electoral office. During the 2017 summer interview, konrad had told this editorial team that it would be "very interesting and a lot of fun" to be active in shaping the development of public life. This must have changed fundamentally in the course of the past year.

At a press conference on monday afternoon, christine konrad – in a read-out declaration of "personal reasons" – declared that she would claims. She had been thinking last summer about whether she wanted to run for a second term. In the fall, the decision was made not to run again in 2020. Until then, however, they will be "with great commitment and heart and soul" continue to hold her office. The farewell from the mayor’s office will also be a farewell from politics, and she will not run again for the city council, konrad stressed.

Roland nagel, chairman of the free-choice group in the dettelbach city council, regretted this step. He clarified: "we had continued with her in any case!" Rumors that it was canceled are false. In order to deprive them of the basis, it was decided to make the press statement at the present time.

Matthias bielek wants to become mayor

Dettelbach’s free voters already have a successor ready for konrad: matthias bielek, program director at charivari and commentator at eurosport. There, the 37-year-old broadcasts the world cup ski jumping competitions together with sven hannawald. From 2008 to 2011, he was already a member of the dettelbach city council (at that time for the UCW in a parliamentary group with the free voters). However, he had to resign his mandate because he moved to munich for professional reasons. Bielek has been back in his hometown of dettelbach since 2017. He also has direct contact with the free voters there through his father, karl-heinz bielek, who is chairman of the association.

In march, matthias bielek will officially present himself as a candidate for mayor at the meeting of the free voters. The nomination will then take place in the fall. Bielek emphasized at the press conference that he is looking forward to "the rough and exciting challenge" rejoice. He felt it was a "gross honor" to be asked last fall whether he wanted to run for office. He wants to approach the new task "with maximum ambition" approach. He sees himself first and foremost "as a team player," not least because he comes from a sporting background.

The media professional bielek had an easier time dealing with press inquiries than his predecessor christine konrad. She answers inquiries, if at all, only in writing.

Strong criticism

Her handling of the theft of data by a blackmailer who had paralyzed the computer systems of the residents’ registration office and the municipal utilities with a trojan horse was also strongly criticized, and not only by CSU faction leader marcel hannweber. The city of dettelbach had paid a criminal loose money for the data disaster at the beginning of march 2016, instead of directly calling in a specialist company.

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