Mayor’s tour: many construction sites in marktsteft

If you talk to thomas reichert, the mayor of marktsteft, you can’t miss one topic: the BNE station, the station for "education for sustainable development" of the district, which is to be built in the old harbor in the city on the river main. After a number of teething problems in the planning phase, the time has finally come for the city council to approve the building application.

Even before his re-election in march, the ESD station was one of the dominant issues in the city; now it is at the top of the agenda for reichert. "It was a long and difficult road to get there says reichert. And: "I am sure, however, that all but one or two rates will agree to this. Maybe we made one or two mistakes", the mayor sums up a project that quickly landed at the political level because of its financing – after all, it involves several million euros – but is now largely in the clear.

On a begging tour

"We must of course do our part", according to reichert, the own contribution of 1.1 to 1.3 million euros is feasible, as the budget shows. "I was really on a begging tour, but there are enough challenges to secure the project", according to reichert, who also says that all of this would hardly have been possible without many helpers who opened the appropriate doors – and also cost a corresponding amount of time.

And why all this? Because thomas reichert has a vision: to put the city of marktsteft "more in the spotlight". Because he sees his city as being a little underprivileged. Good road connections, businesses, schools and kindergartens are all there, but he would like to see more attention for his town. "BNE can show what is available in marktsteft, what will be created around it, for example a marina, a show garden and other things, that will develop."

Kindergarten, canals and roads

It was only ESD, reichert could almost lean back and relax, but there are a lot of construction sites in the city – and that with a "still tight budget situation", even if "the business tax revenues are only declining at a relatively low rate". In any case, in reichert’s opinion, the kindergarten and sewer rehabilitation projects should run in parallel. And with the canals, it often means that the roads in the city have to be done at the same time. The loss of the trench extension fee hurts twice as much.

Next construction site is the school. Here, too, renovation is necessary, but only after the kindergarten and when it is clear what the open all-day school will look like. Advantage here: the recently decided central heat supply by a private company, to which not only the kindergarten and school but also the multi-purpose hall can be connected, creates financial freedom and also clarity about the actual energy consumption of the individual facilities.

Next construction site: the clear plant michelfeld, which is probably on the brink of extinction. The fact that the people of michelfeld will then have to accept a connection to the marktsteft sewer system and the discharge of their wastewater into the kitzingen clearing plant is one side of the coin. The other: how will the michelfelders participate in the rehabilitation of the canal network in marktsteft? There is still a lot of convincing to do for the mayor, and here, too, there will be a lot of demands to be met.

"Still a tight budget situation."Marktsteft’s mayor thomas reichert must make a lot out of little money

The "soft factors" remain. How can we prevent a similar situation at the bathing bay at the fahr next summer as this year – without dirt, without filth, without wild parkers and fakalia?. And the mayor’s vision also includes the former garment area, which is to be further developed as a recreational area for the market stallholders, for strolling, walking and also for picnics for families. A prerequisite for this is that "the cooperation in the city council continues to be so satisfactory", how it shows itself now, after the election.

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