Mgo: 40 participants love their qi with gisela hildenbrand

Mgo: 40 participants love their qi with gisela hildenbrand

The life force of qi: according to traditional chinese medicine (TCM), it flows through everything that exists, permeating the cosmos and the earthly world. Human well-being depends on its unimpeded flow – or, conversely, its stagnation. What this idea of meditation, concentration and movement is all about, what 2000-year-old backgrounds are associated with it and how exercises can be incorporated into everyday life: that’s what gisela hildenbrand talked about on thursday evening at the series of lectures on health topics organized by the media group of upper franconia.

Gisela hildenbrand is a member of the board of directors of the medical society for qigong yangsheng, a non-profit, scientifically oriented institution in the field of health education, which was founded in 1991. Source research is also an important part of their work. The 40 or so participants were first taken on a journey back to the han dynasty, from which silk paintings are available; these in turn show the first forms of how to succeed in cultivating body, mind and soul. "Even though it is an old tradition, the term qigong for the exercises is relatively new and originated in the 1950s", said the speaker.

Interplay of yin and yang

The student of the qigong teacher jiao guorui, who died in 1997, demonstrated how the loving movements, conscious breathing and energy thinking are complemented by poetic words, but also the closeness to music in the form of the fingerboard zither qin. She included philosophical poetry in her lecture and combined it with various pictures and paintings, which underlined the closeness of qigong to nature.

An essential aspect: the inclusion of yin and yan, which stands for heaven and earth, for sinking and rising, rest and movement, inhaling and exhaling, remaining closed and open.

After the detailed prehistory it went to the practical conversion. "I am always asked: what does qigong help against?? It is rather for something. It should help to bring the life force, the qi, back into balance. The exercises help to find one’s inner center and balance with one’s surroundings."

Gisela hildenbrand demonstrated to the participants, among other things, the basic position of "standing like a pine tree": the feet hips-width apart, knees slightly lowered, hands on the body. "So we become the link between heaven and earth", stressed the speaker. A physical realization of what the chinese have believed in for thousands of years.


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