Mobility through ride-sharing

Mobility through ride-sharing

A quick trip to the doctor, to pick up a prescription, to get a pound of butter at the supermarket, or to meet a friend in the neighboring village for a chat over coffee and cake – that’s no problem for car owners. However, those who live far from the centers and do not have a vehicle, have a hard time.

"We travel back and forth between the towns so often and often had room to take someone with us who was interested", thought angela hennemann. In the meantime, not only the communities of ebensfeld and zapfendorf are working together, but also the districts of bamberg and lichtenfels, supported by oberfranken offensiv. For the symbolic kick-off, the project participants now met directly at the junction of the counties.

Zapfendorf’s mayor volker dittrich explained the history of the project: the idea originated in oberleiterbach. Angela hennemann, the second chairwoman of the horticultural association, then sought talks with the two communities.

Sound preparation

Long before the start of the project, a whatsapp group was set up for consultation, a timetable with the core times was compiled, and then a prototype of a trolley bus was set up for the village. The sign was designed by roland amon and andrea senger.

One of the zapfendorfer car-sharing benches is to be located on hauptstrabe in hohe, next to the catholic church; the second could conceivably be in a part of the community such as kirchschletten or unterleiterbach. It is fixed that the market ebensfeld will mount one of its seats in the high of the former gas station berthold (hauptstrabe). And the other? "Probably in the kellbachgrund, i.E. In prachting or kleukheim", said burgermeister bernhard storath. "And I hope that the bankla will soon no longer shine so brand new, but will be used a lot and thus worn out." He described the "mitfahrbankla" as a modern development of hitchhiking.

Bamberg’s district administrator johann kalb praised the idea, which is as simple as it is ingenious. He liked to let it be known that the district was considering donating one or the other car-sharing bench to interested communities in order to promote self-help. Helmut fischer, deputy district administrator of lichtenfels, emphasized that there is a second municipality in the district of lichtenfels that sets up car-sharing benches to connect people and places: michelau.

"I think it’s a great story. I would immediately give someone a ride in my car if someone was sitting on it", said frank ebert, managing director of oberfranken offensiv, at the site meeting. Oberfranken offensiv and the demographic competence center for upper franconia were overrun when they announced that they would be donating car-sharing benches.

No substitute for the opnv

"We had almost 50 applications from municipalities within ten minutes", said ebert. The originally planned ten seats were increased to 40 without further ado. They were made at the workshops of diakonie neuendettelsau in himmelkron. "The car-sharing benches are not a substitute for public transport, but they are an addition", ebert pointed out. "Success will depend to a large extent on how the municipalities convey the idea", he added. So it is now a matter of advertising the project in the community newspapers and from mouth to mouth.

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