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Money for expansion of the main road

Good news for the municipality of pommersfelden: the government of upper franconia has approved a request in the amount of 530 000 euro for the extension of the main road with the new construction of the bridge over the rich ebrach river. This was announced now by the government of upper franconia. The municipality is carrying out urgent work to improve traffic conditions and is widening the main road to a length of 106 meters and a lane width of 6.50 meters. At the same time, a one-sided sidewalk and bicycle lane cap is formed on the bridge. In the future, pedestrians and cyclists from the town will be able to use the footpath and cycle path along state road 2263 safely.

The total estimated cost is around 1.04 million euros, of which around 750,000 euros are eligible for funding. The approved grant of 530,000 euros represents a funding rate of 70 percent. The funds come from the financial equalization law and are provided by the bavarian state parliament.

The current condition of the municipal road does not meet the requirements of current and future traffic conditions. Due to the inadequate pavement structure, the insufficient dewatering of the road and the associated severe road damage, and the poor condition of the structure, an upgrade was urgently needed. Construction work has already begun and is scheduled for completion before the end of 2019.

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