Motorhead guitarist “almost” Eddie Clarke died

Motorhead guitarist 'almost' eddie clarke died

Former motorhead drummer mikkey dee could hardly believe it. "I saw eddie a little while ago," dee, who drummed for motorhead from 1992 to 2015, explained on the band’s facebook page, "he was still in good shape then.".

On wednesday, former motorhead guitarist edward allan clarke, whom everyone only called "almost" eddie, succumbed to the consequences of a pneumonia. Clarke was 67 years old and is said to have "peacefully fallen asleep" in hospital.

Ted carroll, founder of the british record company chiswick records, had announced the death of the musician on facebook on thursday. Motorhead’s debut album was released on chiswick records in 1977. Clarke’s death was also confirmed by officials on thursday.

"The last of the three amigos" died with "almost" eddie clarke, drummer dee declared. "Almost" eddie had been the last living member of what was considered the classic lineup that played together on all motorhead albums until 1982. Together with frontman and bassist lemmy kilmister and drummer phil "philthy animal" taylor "fast" eddie recorded classics like "ace of spades" or the live lp "no sleep ’til hammersmith.

"His legendary riffs will always be remembered," explained phil campbell, motorhead guitarist from 1984 to 2015 and successor to "fast" eddie. "He was a real rock’n’roller."

Because of creative disagreements clarke had left the band in 1982. Then he founded the rock group fastway, with which he released several albums and was active until the end. But even after the separation from motorhead "almost" eddie still performed sporadically with lemmy kilmister and co. On, among other things, the anniversary concert in 2000 at the brixton academy in london.

Kilmister died on 28. December 2015 at the age of 70 from cancer. Not even three weeks before motorhead had given their last concert in berlin. One month earlier, the former motorhead drummer taylor had already died of liver failure. "Now lem and philthy can make music with eddie again," said dee, who now plays drums for the german rock band scorpions. "And if you listened carefully, you could definitely hear them"."


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