Munich’s mastermind wins the brainstorming championship

Munich's mastermind wins the brainstorming championship

They had to memorize several hundred words, pictures and numbers in just a few minutes: memory athletes from all over germany determined their champion in magdeburg.

Reigning mayor simon reinhard from munich succeeded in defending his title. The 39-year-old memory athlete scored around 6800 points in the competition on friday and saturday – almost 1000 more than the runner-up. "That was already a rough lead," said organizer johannes mallow.

15-year-old maja spiolek from braunschweig won the junior category, and 11-year-old johann jan haluschky from torgelow in mecklenburg-vorpommern won the children’s category.

A total of 22 participants competed in three age groups. Ten tricky tasks had to be solved. This included, for example, entering a mixed deck of 52 playing cards in the correct order within 15 minutes. In addition, the memory experts had to recognize 100 strangers with their full names just from their photos. "It sounds unbelievable, but it’s not impossible," said mallow, who is himself a multiple german champion in memory sports. 2012 even became world champion. But the organizer himself did not take part in the title fights in magdeburg.

According to mallow, the atmosphere at the competition resembled a high school graduation exam. The participants sat at tables, staring at their slips of paper and trying to write down what they had memorized. To be successful, you have to train your mind," explained the 37-year-old from magdeburg. There are various methods for doing this – for example, making up jokes and stories in a matter of seconds. In december, the international memorial sports elite will meet for the world championships in vienna.

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