Musical talent from forchheim: young singer nisa records first album

Musical talent from forchheim: young singer nisa records first album

An eventful year lies behind nisa bajric. A month ago, the up-and-coming sanger celebrated her 18th birthday. Birthday. The young girl from forchheim successfully completed her schooling this year and passed her school-leaving exam. Before nisa wants to study in bamberg, she is now taking time to devote herself intensively to her rough passion. It is currently working on its rough project – the first music album of its own. The FT meets the young talent, who has already participated in the TV show "voice of germany" participated, at the regnitzufer on the sport island. The pop singer has become more mature, more adult, more thoughtful. In the interview, nisa reveals what she wants to achieve with her music: to give her listeners something positive with authentic songs.

The last time we met was a year ago when you were still in school. What has happened musically since then?

Nisa bajric: when I was in school, I used to make music in my free time. Especially with the stress of graduation you don’t have much of it. But you can not only learn. To cheer myself up again, I wrote some songs. Now I want to put all my energy into the music and record my first album.

What awaits the listeners?

The song "dance with me, that came out in 2018 just before annafest was more club music produced by a dj. But what I want to have on the album now are real instruments that will be recorded. Bringing back real music so to speak. It goes in the direction of pop, but also soul. With my voice I am more of a soul and r’n’b singer. This album should stand for me and be the beginning of my music career.

The english lyrics are written by myself: what is it about??

My biggest music idol is michael jackson, who had his birthday on thursday by the way. What I admired about him is that every song really has a meaning. I want that too. I want to influence people positively with my music. My song "so cold" is about our society that has become so cold. People are always so self-focused and not so open to others anymore. Today everyone is caught up in their world and not really paying attention to what’s going on around them. I also want my songs to make people think about their behavior and society.

Do you have an example?

A line from the song is "people keep calling other people names". In german it means that people are insulting each other. But we are all the same. Some people think other people are better or worse – but we are all human. We all make mistakes. This is important for me, because I have realized this in the last few years and have become more self-confident.

How far is the album? When will it be released?

We take as much time as we want. I’m working with my producer, bobby bachinger, in his studio in regensburg on four songs at the same time. We are always working on the song that we creatively feel like working on. There will also be cover songs on it. For example "let’s hear it from the boy" (by deniece williams, known from the movie "footloose") from 1984). Next week I will record the final voice for this song.

What is there to hear already?

For the unplugged-acoustic-version of the song "so cold" let’s make a video. Via facebook we asked which location in the district of forchheim we should take. There were good suggestions. We will probably shoot one scene in streitberg at the pavilion. It is important to me that the place radiates something hopeful. Besides studio scenes we also want to shoot in nature. Maybe also here on the sport island. Here in forchheim, where it all started.

Are live performances planned?

The working process for musicians is more private. But I think if "so cold" comes out, I will make a small tour at events in the area.

You are no longer an unknown in the music business: what does it take to pursue the dream??

It is already to be recognized now and then in forchheim. Without a lot of work and passion you can’t make it. But my goal is not to become famous. I want to reach people with my music. The interview was conducted by ronald heck

Music grobe from untertrubach, bobby bachinger, produces nisa’s album

Robert "bobby" bachinger, who produces nisa’s album, is a music great from the region: in the 80s, his recording studio in untertrubach was something like the hub of pop music. Artists like nena and chris rea trusted bobby bachinger’s musical ability. Also commissions from the world famous abbey road studio from london landed in his mixing desk. Bachinger, who has won numerous prizes for his music, now produces stars in his studio in regensburg.


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