“Nature hotel” with chalets planned in stockach

Living in a wooden house on stilts near a brook, bathing in a swimming pond in front of the house and eating only a few meters away in the restaurant belonging to the complex – that sounds like vacation romance and pure nature and was made palatable to the igensdorf market town councils in a closed session.

The "naturhotel stockach" is to be built on the municipally owned land directly adjacent to the sports field and the meadow opposite the lindelbach stream are realized. "We said: if tourism, then soft tourism", explains mayor wolfgang rast (IU).

The first step towards implementation is to change the land use plan. A special "hotel" area it must be explained why this was on the agenda. But unlike the topic of "crematorium, which was to be built in the commercial area in the direction of weibenohe, far from residential development, has become the "naturhotel" no burger survey.

Martina dietrich from the company stadt und raum and her team of planners explained what is meant by the "nature hotel" to understand is. The lindelbach is mapped as a biotope and is particularly protected. Since the creek is an important habitat, a species protection assessment must be carried out and three walk-throughs must take place. Bats, birds and reptiles are expected to be found there.

Only a few days ago, the planning office received an expert opinion in which it is assured that the lindelbach, being very deep and holding a lot of volume, will not overflow its streambed during floods.

Linden trees must be felled

The bike path and school path from the elementary school a few meters away to stockach is lined with linden trees. Some of these will have to be removed in order to create an entrance to the "naturhotel" shortly after the bend to be able to build. This flat is directly attached to the playground and sports field and was temporarily used as a dumping ground for excavated soil. A rough two-story building is to be erected here – as an entrance area. The parking lots are also planned on the lower level. Again, a few trees were cut down to build a bridge over the lindelbach to get to the site.

In the two-storey buildings there are training rooms with catering and a restaurant only for the guests of the hotel complex, 200 meters away from the lindelberg hall. Between 40 and 50 people find room to stay and relax in the facility.

Stefan gebhardt (junge burgers) disliked the fact that the grass path behind the sports field is to be paved along the creek. From the point of view of the sports club, it is not possible to build a footpath there. It is also technically impossible unless the entire row of trees is felled, uwe zollikofer (IU) added. In order to leave the grassy path untouchable, it will be added to the lindelbach biotope. The municipality may use it to carry out cleanup work.

Considerations still remain to reduce the speed limit of 70 km/h on the kreisstrabe. Visually, this is to be done by building a new "recreation area" at the edge of the site trees will be planted and thus become a "tree gate" will be. You automatically take your foot off the gas pedal when the road seems narrower, said one planner. A part of the meadow, where the stilt houses will be built, will be framed with trees. This was already the first balancing measure. Nevertheless, external compensation areas must be designated.

Plant will be fenced

The entire plant will be fenced. Inside the plant was certainly going to be paved, zollikofers (IU) question was answered. But there are already good water-permeable paving stones, he said. Only bernd merkl (IU) seemed to think about more far-reaching consequences.

"If we designate a special area in the development plan, could it be for any hotel??", asked merkl in the event that from the "nature hotel" nothing should be. The mayor said that the council would decide on a case-by-case basis before unanimously approving the special "hotel" area for the development plan and the flat use plan change was decided unanimously.

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