New for the bundesliga

New for the Bundesliga

Bad staffelstein – after withdrawing from the kegler-bundesliga in the 2010/11 season, SKC staffelstein will once again be represented in the german top flight of the deutsche-kegler-bund classic (DKBC) in the coming season. As champions of the 2. Bowlers league sud and winner of the promotion tournament, the bowlers from obermain have qualified again for the bundesliga in the mode 120 throw.
In the coming months, bowling fans in the spa town can once again look forward to duels with SKC victoria bamberg and german champion rot-weib zerbst. We talked to hans-karl brutting, who has been in charge of SKC staffelstein for many years, about the season that starts next saturday

After jumping into the bundesliga, SKC staffelstein plays for one of the three german titles in the 120-throw league. In your opinion, what is the value of the title of the 120-throw league in addition to the 200-throw classic league of the DKBC and the championship of the german classic union (DCU) over 200 throws??
Brutting: the 120-litter championship is the title that entitles you to participate in international club competitions. You have to adapt to international customs. What the DCU and the DKBC did with its 200-throw leagues does not make sense. Above all, i don't understand what the DKBC is doing with its concession league. The problem is that there is no clear leadership at the top of the federation. Each state cooks its own soup. In upper franconia, it is a chaos where each district can still decide for itself whether to play 120 or 200 throws. This is the undoing of the sport of bowling. In lower franconia, the district management has made a clear statement in favor of 120 throws. When our second team was promoted from the west district league to the B district league, only four players could play there instead of six. What to do with the rest then? With such a chaos you don't get on a green branch.

Four years ago, it was said that the staffelstein bowling alley was too low, which is why the SKC no longer received a starting place. What has happened to the DKBC guidelines for the bundesliga since then??
The requirements were already relaxed three years ago when we entered the second league. In the meantime, we can also play in the bundesliga with our B-classification of the bahn.

What goal have you set yourself with your team for the season??
A goal emerges. That has always been the case. Even in the ten years when we were in the top three of the bundesliga, it was never a goal to end up there. We play and are happy when we win. We try to get good bowlers and to play as well as possible.

Which team will the SKC start with??
From last season are jaroslav hazva, michal jirous, jiri vicha, florian bischoff and
bernd black stayed. Miroslav jelinek has transferred to bamberg. Our eight-man squad is completed by newcomers christian rennert from bundesliga relegated ESV schweinfurt, norbert strohmenger from runners-up victoria bamberg and returnee viktor pytlik, who returns to staffelstein from walldorf. The three newcomers are all players who can score over 600 woods.

Which teams do you consider beatable and who is the title favorite??
Favorite is certainly zerbst again. But schwabsberg and bamberg are also expected to come out ahead. Among the first four, I think we can also get in on the action and make the rough ones a little more difficult.

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