New forest road opens up 26 hectares of forest

New forest road opens up 26 hectares of forest

The new forest path in the community forest was officially opened on tuesday during the forest walk of the pfarrweisach community council. In the "lohrer holz" district as well as in the "eichelberg" departments and "fir" the course was completed in three years.

The forest road is open to the public, but may only be used for agricultural and forestry purposes, explained district forester wolfgang meiners. The subsoil of the sand-water-bound forest road consists of keuper formations with clay in the subsoil, in part strongly alternately moist. This made the construction site conditions difficult. With a length of 685 meters, the trail covers an area of 26 hectares of forest. The road construction was also a training object for the education of district foresters.

And special difficulties had to be mastered. In addition to an old telecom cable, which is located in the expansion area and was almost damaged, the driveway to the busy federal highway 303 had to be paved so that two long log trucks could fit here. There were difficult soft spots along the way that required overhead installation of the debris material. The costs for the mabnahme were demanded with 60 percent, which corresponds to an amount of 19 700 euro.

The eichelbergweg is a forest path already integrated into the landscape with slight curves and several wetland biotopes accompanying the path. It leads through harmonious old deciduous and mixed pine forests.

The subject of contractual nature conservation was raised. However, it will be deepened during another forest walk next year, explained mayor ralf nowak. Contractual forest conservation is part of the bavarian biodiversity strategy, in particular the implementation of "natura 2000" in the forest. In pfarrweisach and many other private and corporate forests, biotope trees and deadwood are recorded and evaluated, measured with GPS, displayed on maps and coordinated with the lower nature conservation authority (district office). The forest owner agrees to preserve these trees and the deadwood for a period of twelve years, for which he receives a one-time grant in euros. In pfarrweisach, 95 biotope trees and 44 dead woods in the "lohrer holz" are involved and in the area of the gemeindewalds around kraisdorf, which will be protected. As this is demand money from the ministry of the environment, it will be released by the lower nature conservation authority.


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