New head teacher at bad neustadt elementary school

New head teacher at bad neustadt elementary school

"We are the school that has a new principal", the children of classes 4a and b sang their new school hymn at the start of the ceremony, and they did so from the top of their voices. "We’ve got exactly the boss we wanted", said maria knauff, teacher and member of the school administration, in front of a large number of invited guests. It was also a special pleasure for school district director klaus jorg to welcome the "new" head teacher to her future office. Ulrike busch-gerber could hardly be unknown to anyone.

She was already deputy head of school at this school, and in the meantime she was also deputy head of the entire school. Ulrike busch-gerber, born in 1965 in fulda, graduated from high school there and went on to study elementary school pedagogy in wurzburg. The new principal spent her teacher training periods in oberelsbach and saal, her junior teaching years from 1991 in salz and from 2001 at the karl-ludwig-vonguttenberg elementary school in bad neustadt.

In all this time, busch-gerber has held other positions: she has been a cooperation officer for kindergarten and elementary schools, a member of the rhon-grabfeld school enrollment screening committee, district chairwoman of the teachers’ association, and much more. The director of the school district emphatically reminded the audience of the core principle of the legal requirements: "the school management bears the entire responsibility for teaching and education at the school. She is the contact person for teachers, students, parents and the community, and represents the school in all matters." With this, jorg emphasized that everyone who holds a leadership position moves in dealing with people for whom he is responsible, so he moves between the two positions management and leadership move.

A school principal needs a sure instinct in dealing with people, the courage to speak clearly, but also the empathy to convey unpleasant truths with respect and consideration. Jorg wished the new principal a successful balance between cooperative partnership and clear leadership.

Congratulations from the city "leadership is not about domination, it is about the ability to motivate others to work towards a common goal. Leadership must be perceived." Deputy mayor anne zeisner conveyed the congratulations of the city as the responsible state authority. The karl-ludwig-vonguttenberg elementary school is the second largest elementary school in the rhon-grabfeld district with just under 200 students and is well on the way to becoming an all-day school. Geli gaul, chairwoman of the parents’ council, summed it up with a quote from wilhelm von humboldt: "basically, it is the connections with people that give life its value." As local staff councillor, hubertus schneider summed up 16 years of school bonding with the "new" school.

Laudatiosa laudation included a flood of words of praise . "Being a teacher is not a job, it’s a vocation", catholic pastor wolfgang senzel put it succinctly. His lutheran confrere, dean dr. Matthias buttner, currently has a daughter at this elementary school himself. Therefore, he knows about the good spirit and the nice atmosphere at the school.

In a letter to the hebrews in the bible, the recommendation can be found to give the "leaders to follow. Luther translated this passage with the command to obey the teachers. The staff, all women around janitor stephan biedermann, gave their new principal a book bag and a variety of useful things.


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