North korea wants to achieve “balance of power” with u.s

North Korea wants to achieve 'balance of power' with u.s

Seoul/washington (dpa) – despite tougher sanctions, north korea’s strongman kim jong un wants to push ahead with his country’s nuclear weapons program and achieve a military balance with the superpower u.S.

North korea’s nuclear force must be completed for this to happen, state media quoted kim as saying on saturday. Following a new test of a medium-range missile by north korea on friday, the USA made it clear that it was keeping open the possibility of military intervention.

UN security council condemned pjongjang’s latest "provocation". At its meeting in new york, however, the council agreed to take no further steps for the time being. Only on monday, the UN’s most important body tightened sanctions against north korea over its nuclear tests on 3. September.

After the new sanctions decision, north korea had again launched a hwasong-12 missile over northern japan and into the pacific ocean. It flew 3700 kilometers, according to south korean data – farther than any previous test of a military missile by north korea.

Kim personally ordered the test and observed it from his command center, north korean media reported. The manover was intended to curb "the war-susterness of the USA". The goal is a "balance of power" between north korea and the u.S. To deprive the u.S. Leadership of the military option, kim was quoted as saying.

Kim then praised nuclear engineers and militaries. "We need to show the rough power chauvinists how our state is achieving its goal of completing nuclear forces despite endless sanctions and blockade."At the same time, kim hinted at continuing the weapons tests.

Conflict has been heating up for months. "There is the military option," national security adviser herbert raymond mcmaster stressed in washington. But this option is not the preferred one. U.S. Nears end of the road in sanctions and diplomacy. "This is not an issue between the united states and north korea, it is an issue for the whole world."

International pressure and sanctions have so far proved unsuccessful in the crisis, with north korea continuing its nuclear program and testing against all warnings. The UN sanctions approved on monday include a cap on oil shipments to the country and a ban on textile exports.

North korea continues to behave provocatively and recklessly, said U.S. Ambassador to the united nations in new york, nikki haley. "At this point, there’s not much the security council can do when you’ve already shortened 90 percent of trade and 30 percent of ols (imports)." She has no problem passing the case to defense secretary james mattis because he has a lot of options, haley said.

Japan’s UN ambassador koro bessho spoke in new york of a "serious threat to our own security" as well as a "real danger to the peace and security of the whole world". The new sanctions had to be fully implemented immediately.

Federal minister sigmar gabriel, who is traveling to china this weekend for political talks, among other things, spoke out in favor of a combination of economic pressure and negotiation offers in the nuclear dispute with north korea. The example of iran shows that both are needed, he told SWR. Earlier, gabriel had condemned north korea’s missile test "in the strongest possible terms". "The regime in pjongjang is once again showing us that it poses a serious threat to world peace," he said in berlin.

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