Not all positions are filled for a long time

Not all positions are filled for a long time

Bamberg – in purely mathematical terms, yes. If it were just a matter of statistics, every young person in the bamberg region who was looking for an apprenticeship would have been offered one.
What's more, if you consider the factor of 4.7, which reflects the number of unfilled training positions per unfilled applicant, this means that, extrapolated for 100 people, 470 positions are available. However, this is grey theory, because as unprovided applicants with no alternative until the age of 30, there is no alternative. September 96 young people are listed at the agency for work (bamberg office) in the city and the county.
The top ten unfilled vocational training positions were for salesperson – food trade – bakery, cook, professional driver, retail salesperson, housekeeper, baker, hotel specialist, industrial salesperson, commercial salesperson – office management and sales. Here, there are sometimes more than a dozen companies waiting for suitable applicants.

It is not too late

Who has the 1. September "missed is still far from being too late. "Vocational schools are prepared for late entrants. Until november/december, this usually does not entail learning material catch-up problems", says matthias klar, press spokesman for the bamberg-coburg employment agency. Even after the start of the new training year, training positions will continue to be advertised in cooperation with the chambers and guilds, the municipalities and trade unions.

Girls vote differently

"Ten years ago, there were 100 applicants for every 60 apprenticeships. Now the relationship has been reversed.", so clear. "At that time, young people had to see what they had to bring with them to get hired. Today, many employers have to think about what they can offer to get trainees to come to me."
It continues to be the case that girls are more likely to be satisfied and happy with their career choice. Making money is in the background. The situation is different for young people. "Probably because the traditional role image of the man as the breadwinner of the family still holds sway." For many seekers, even after the first year of training, there is still a need. September a chance to get the job of their dreams if trainees discover that the career they have chosen is not the right one for them after all. "Our career counselors always recommend doing internships beforehand, because nothing beats your own experience." Compared to last year, companies reported six percent more training positions this year. The trend is for companies to train the best specialists themselves instead of getting them from the labor market, where they are hardly available in some sectors.
"In the upper franconian skilled trades, the number of new employees has increased by. January 1679 young people signed an apprenticeship contract, 1.5 percent more than in the previous year (153 in the city of bamberg, 215 in the county).

More money

In many industries, the collective bargaining parties have increased training allowances in recent years. "The increases were particularly strong for mechatronics technicians for refrigeration technology and for confectioners. They are seeing increases of 18 percent compared to 2014.", rainer beck, managing director at the chamber of handicrafts for upper franconia, explains in a press release of the HWK. At the top of the vergutungen are still masons and carpenters. They earn 755 euros a month in their first year, and over 1400 euros in their third year of training.
"A good 25 young asylum seekers are brought to the 1. In september, they will begin their training in the upper franconian skilled trades and thus lay the foundation for successful integration into the german labor market.", informs chamber president thomas zimmer.
At the start of the new training year, the chamber of industry and commerce for upper franconia has registered 3472 new training contracts for the current year. "Thus we top to the 1. September the number of new apprenticeship contracts increased for the third time in a row", IHK president heribert trunk is delighted.

Three increases

The chamber of industry and commerce for upper franconia in bayreuth is the only chamber of industry and commerce in bavaria that has been awarded the 1. September can report an increase in the number of trainees. The member companies of the chamber of industry and commerce in upper franconia provide around two-thirds of all apprenticeship places, the chamber reports. "In view of the need for skilled workers, they are relying on training as the key to securing skilled workers. However, since there are fewer applicants than open training positions, not all training positions could be filled. Affected sectors include retail, hotels and restaurants, as well as many technical professions.", according to IHK chief executive christi degen.

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