Nothing falls off the roof anymore

Nothing falls off the roof anymore

If you don't suffer from vertigo, you'll envy bernd voigt his job: the slate specialist from the kulmbach company eber bedachungen took on the task of inspecting the natural slate roofing of the longhouse and the steeple of the city's parish church "unsere liebe frau" on wednesday employs.

Better safe than sorry

Ehe reason for the use at heights of up to 50 meters is an expert opinion commissioned by the church administration, which documented damage to the supporting structure of the roof as well as to the slate roofing and confirmed a high need for renovation.
Although there is no acute danger from the roof, the church administration wanted to be on the safe side and commissioned the company eber to check the roof and tower for slate loosening and to repair any damage immediately.
In order to be able to work quickly and safely at this height, the roofing company has rented a hoisting crane – along with an expert to control it. Stefan seidler from the company wagert operates the workbench while bernd voigt inspects the slates piece by piece. If he discovers a loose piece, he nails it down. "Even a hint of suspicion puts a nail in the coffin", he says, because he wants to make sure nothing can happen once he's done. After all, several pieces of slate fell from the roof last year, and one even broke the window of a car. This should not happen again.

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