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Osiris rex” probe photographs its target for the first time

osiris rex

"I female, on the picture you see him only as a point of light. But I can"t tell you often enough how much this means to my team."During one hour "osiris rex" took five pictures from a distance of about 2.2 million kilometers.

"Osiris rex" is the first u.S. Spacecraft to set off for an asteroid and send back a sample. The probe, which is about six meters long and weighs 2100 kilograms, was launched on board an "atlas" rocket from the cape canaveral spaceport in the u.S. State of florida in september 2016. The mission costs around one billion dollars.

On 3. December "osiris rex" should arrive at bennu. In 2020, the bennu probe is expected to get close enough to suck up a sample of 60 to 2000 grams. 2023 a capsule with the sample is to return to earth. In 2005, the japanese space probe "hayabusa" had already landed on such a celestial body and in 2010 had brought the first ever collected soil samples of an asteroid to earth. There have been several flights to asteroids, but no other spacecraft has returned material to earth.

The jet black asteroid bennu with a diameter of 500 meters could come quite close to the earth in more than 150 years. Even though the risk of impact is very low, nasa rates bennu as one of the most dangerous asteroids currently known. According to nasa, asteroids like bennu are remnants of the formation of the solar system more than 4.5 billion years ago.


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