Over 700 members in the gymnastics club

Over 700 members in the gymnastics club

It was a "pretty sporty year," explained frank schmitt, chairman of the mainstockheim gymnastics club, at the club’s annual general meeting. In the past few days, the club was able to surpass the 700-member mark. There is a wide range of activities for them, from children’s and youth work to table tennis, dancing, volleyball and badminton. 17 groups use the hall 38 hours per week, which adds up to over 1400 hours per year.

Reliant on the help of volunteers

Of course, this is only possible with the help of many volunteers. 25 training supervisors alone ensure that operations run smoothly. Nevertheless: support is always welcome, says the chairman. In 2017, the "platzaktion" was started and for this purpose, for example, investments were made in an outdoor table tennis table and the long jump pit. In 2018 the expansion of the outdoor facilities will be continued.

Socially, too, things were going well at the club, at least at some events. For example, at the children’s carnival, the rose monday ball or the tour de mull, where many helpers once again cleaned the grounds of mainstockheim. Schmitt was not very enthusiastic about the attendance at the folk dance evening or the participation in the church procession. Not only the chairman criticized the low number of participants and demanded: participate, not only in the training hours. In order to maintain its wide range of sporting activities, the association invested a lot last year, so that treasurer christa sterner had to present a small minus in the annual balance sheet.

Jochen muller becomes honorary member

In addition to a look at the past year, several members of the association were honored at the annual general meeting. Jochen muller was appointed honorary member of the gymnastics club. With this, he honors muller’s work on the club committee from 1979 to 2017. In addition, association chairman schmitt awarded the silver TV pin to lydia kammerer, kerstin schumpa, christiane fechner-hornig, who has been an instructor for ten years, achim braunel and patrick gerber.

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