A marathon race that has just begun – that is the energy transition for economist claudia kemfert. Patience and staying power pay off, because the german economy stands to benefit more than any other country from the restructuring of the energy sector.

Nuclear phase-out by 2022, dwindling reserves of raw materials, climate change – but claudia kemfert sees the energy transition above all as an opportunity. The energy expert from the german institute for economic research says that the state of bavaria is well placed to achieve its goals.

The grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant in bavaria will be taken off the grid in 2015. The temelin nuclear power plant near the border in the czech republic is to be expanded by two reactors. How much nuclear power will we import?
Claudia kemfert: we don"t need to import nuclear power at all if we invest enough in germany and bavaria in power plants and grids, in decentralized production and intelligent consumption, and in energy saving. We need efficiency improvements, and we need our own electricity capacities in the country. Above all, we need a smart market design: renewable energies have volatilities (fluctuations over time), which can be compensated for by intelligent supply and demand management and the use of electricity storage facilities. In principle, however, we also need the european alliance and must coordinate more closely than before with neighboring countries.

Mitwitz- how does bark smell?? What is a natural cycle? Exciting questions that will no longer be answered in theory at the montessori school in mitwitz. This is where "exploratory learning" becomes a reality fixed part of the curriculum. For about two and a half hours a day, the children will get to know and understand nature as a learning environment, but also as a playground.

The advantages are obvious, explains pedagogical director mathias schmitt: "holistic learning, the chance to learn with the highest level of concentration through the offered quiet rooms in nature, a strengthening of the learning group community and a fundamentally differentiated learning situation."

Organizationally, starting next school year, mixed learning groups will emerge from grade mixes one through four and seven and eight. The plan is to introduce this concept for all grades in the foreseeable future. In this way, nature becomes a daily part of learning and the classroom is no longer seen as an exception.

Astronomers: terrestrial planets in hulle and fulle

This is what researchers from the harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics (cfa) concluded from an analysis of data from the "kepler" space telescope of the u.S. Space agency nasa. The team led by courtney dressing presented its research on wednesday in cambridge, u.S.A.

"We have always thought we had to travel immeasurable distances to stumble upon an earth-like planet," dressing emphasized in a release from her institute. "Now we realize that another earth is probably already waiting to be discovered in our cosmic neighborhood."

The scientists had searched for red dwarf suns with planets in the data of the planet hunter "kepler. Red dwarfs are the most common type of star in our galaxy: they account for about three out of four stars in the milky way.

festivities postponed, new courses start in fall

The 35th anniversary of the ebern music school is a cause for celebration, but with a heavy heart, those responsible had to close the fur 9. May planned "open door" day and the preceding "week of open lessons" or "open rehearsals postpone. But postponed is not canceled. The festivities will take place at a later date, says principal kristina renner. "We will inform in due time."

Lessons continue

Even if no personal lessons could take place in the music school in the last weeks, the teachers and students are active. Despite the current exit restrictions and school closures, lessons can be continued online via various digital solutions and channels for most students.

Everyone is doing their best. At the moment we do not know when we will be able to resume regular lessons", so racer. She appeals to the loyalty to the music school ebern: "help the music school through this extremely precarious time for all cultural workers and continue to support them", appeals kristina renner.

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