Waldorf school students learn on farms

Christiane reuther ninth-graders at the free waldorf school in the mainauen in habfurt completed a three-week agricultural internship in may.

On tuesday evening, in the school’s auditorium, the young people reported on their experiences during their stay in america, italy, france, austria or germany. The evening was organized by the students themselves, who prepared the presentations on their own – and delivered them in a lively manner.

With the help of pictures, the teachers first gave the guests background information about the internship farm, ranging from the alpaca farm to social institutions and the equestrian center. The 15-year-olds shared their experiences of the week and personal highlights, as well as their experiences of sometimes boring or exhausting work that was nevertheless enjoyable and to be recommended.

After the workers’ service, delegations from the KAB local associations, interested parties and honorary guests came together at the KAB house in wilhelmsthal for a political "fruhschoppen". Under the title "europe on our doorstep diocesan secretary maria gerstner informed and discussed the importance of the EU with her interlocutors.

"In languages you often hear that brussel is far away. There one has no idea what is going on with us", gerstner explained. Nevertheless, the EU is also omnipresent in everyday life – for example, through funding for the bio-energy village of effelter, the flakonglasmuseum and the tropical house in kleintettau, or for the arnica town of teuschnitz.

Living safely and peacefully

But this is only one side of the EU. "The founding fathers of the common europe wanted much more – a europe in which all people can live safely and peacefully in freedom", she explained. But this noble goal could not only be achieved in brussel. Rather one must live and experience this europe concretely locally.

Roland wich asks his father-in-law if he should order ten more kilos of bread. Arnold sohnlein shrugs his shoulders.

The two of them are not organizing a huge barbecue. No, they organize the set-up of the kronach city spectacle for their clubs. Wich is chairman of the SV hofles and is grateful that the sale of food and drink can make a little extra money for the club. Even if it is very exhausting for him: "the week before and after the city spectacle I hardly see my family", says wich "this is all a heidenauand!" He has to think of everything for his stands and coordinate the 40 or so helpers. Fits the wiring? Are the roofs sealed? "Now comes the finishing touches, I hope we haven't forgotten anything." Like the can opener for the cucumber cans. He has often been absent from past city spectacles. "But this year I have it", assures wich and laughs.

Father-in-law arnold sohnlein is wich's counterpart, except that he is in charge of the youth orchestra and makes sure that everything goes well at the town spectacle. The second chairman of the association sits on a bench in front of the town hall and makes a relaxed impression. "During the construction week i was not here." He didn't have time, he says. Since yesterday morning, however, he is also fully involved. "We will probably work 16 hours a day until sunday", he says. Not to mention the 45 hours it takes to set up and tear down the bowling alley.

european winegrowing countries harvest only small crops

In spain and italy, winegrowers are expecting a drop of between five and twelve percent compared to last year, the german wine institute announced in mainz on wednesday. French vineyards were hit by frost and hail in many places. According to earlier statements by french agriculture minister stephane le foll, the leanest grape harvest in more than two decades is expected.

According to the wine institute, austria, hungary, bulgaria and luxembourg are each currently forecasting a drop of more than one-fifth compared to 2011. The vines had suffered from extremes such as heat, drought and storms. Only portuguese wine producers are expecting a slight increase in volume of five percent. In germany, winegrowers expect a harvest slightly below the long-term average. The wine institute expects that the 2012 EU wine harvest will not reach the five-year average of 173 million hectoliters or the previous year’s harvest of 164 million hectoliters.

Redevelopment or new building - what will happen to the stadtsteinach daycare center??

The daycare center on lehenthaler weg is bursting at the seams. For this reason, the daycare children have already had to move into rooms in the so-called post office buildings. And the demand continues to grow: there is already talk of a further group.

A fundamental decision

In addition, the daycare center building is getting on in years. Substantial renovation work is necessary. Against this backdrop, the responsible parties from the city and the catholic church foundation are faced with a fundamental decision: what makes more sense: the renovation and expansion of the existing building or a completely new building??

The building is the property of the catholic church foundation st. Michael stadtsteinach. From this point of view, it is the church that is responsible for the financing of the construction work. But it is not quite that simple: there is a deficit contract with the political community, i.E. The city of stadtsteinach. If the daycare center’s financial year ends with a loss, the municipality must close the gap – 100 percent of the time.

Friedrich announces restructuring of constitutional protection office

"The shortcomings that have now emerged show that there is an urgent need for reform in our constitutional protection agency," friedrich told the newspaper "bild am sonntag". The minister did not announce concrete steps for a reorganization.

He is "stunned" by the destruction of files following the exposure of the zwickau terror cell. "Where there has been deliberate misconduct, tough consequences will be drawn," friedrich said. However, the interrogations in the investigative committee of the bundestag have so far not revealed any evidence that the files were destroyed last november in order to conceal something.

The CSU politician did not rule out further resignations or dismissals in the wake of the scandals in the security services. The president of the federal office for the protection of the constitution, heinz fromm, resigns as a consequence of the scandal. Thuringia sends head of state domestic intelligence agency thomas sippel into early retirement.

For the first time, the train ran on schedule again in mainz

The next test will be the end of the school vacations on monday, when restrictions will apply again. Chief executive officer rudiger grube addressed customers for the first time since the staff shortages became known. "I expressly apologize for the problems that have arisen," he told "welt am sonntag" (wams). The train cancellations are "a gross embarrassment for the railroad," grube told the newspaper bild am sonntag (bams).

No more trains are to be cancelled in mainz on the other august weekends either. During the week, however, a restricted timetable will remain in effect until the end of the month. On saturday morning, the many "fallt aus" banners of the past few days had disappeared from the display boards at the main train station in mainz, and delays were within the usual range.

For two weeks now, trains at main station in mainz have been cancelled or had to be diverted. The reason is a shortage of personnel in the signal box. This had led to a nationwide debate about bottlenecks on the german railroads. Despite the emergency timetable, train services for schools during rush hour are to be largely secured for the start of school on monday after the summer vacations in rhineland-palatinate.

When you drive past it in the car, you really have to look very closely. Only then you have the chance to discover the not so small stele right next to bundesstrabe 4. But the shadowy existence of the work of art halay up between the siemen traffic circle and the haarbrucken exit was soon to come to an end. Martin stingl (SPD), the third mayor of the city of neustadt, who is responsible for cultural affairs, assured the tageblatt: "we are looking for a reasonable and adequate place for the stele."

The work of art, which shows a puppet on a broken bridge, caught the eye of two political pioneers in the coburg region at almost the same time: jurgen W. Heike (CSU) and peter jacobi (FDP). Within a few weeks, heike even wrote to the city asking them to remove the stele from the muddy spot next to the truck stop on the B4.

The former secretary of state heike openly admits: "we know that we know nothing." When and how the artwork was erected, not even neustadt's local historian isolde kalter can determine with one hundred percent certainty.

Vodafone attacks deutsche telekom with cable takeover

With its multibillion-dollar takeover bid, the british group secured a comfortable majority of at least 75 percent in the leading cable network operator kabel deutschland. Now all that’s missing is the green light from the competition watchdogs. Consumer users take a relaxed view of the fusion.

"That was certainly the biggest hurdle we had to take," a vodafone germany spokesman said in dusseldorf on friday, referring to the shareholder vote. However, the antitrust clearance is still pending. The state is the european commission in brussel. Until next friday (20.09.) it must decide whether to approve the cable takeover – if necessary also subject to conditions – or whether to carry out an in-depth assessment. The federal cartel office had signaled in the past that it had no massive concerns in the case.

If the european competition watchdogs in brussel approve the planned takeover of kabel deutschland by vodafone in the first go-round without any conditions, the merger could go ahead within a few weeks, as is being estimated in industry circles.

Gerda hartner, chairwoman of the bund naturschutz volkach, was pleased with the response to her invitation to get to know the BN properties around volkach by bicycle. From the meeting point at the bus station in volkach, the tour continued in the direction of eichfeld to the orchard meadows of the bund naturschutz volkach, according to a press release of the bund naturschutz. Honorary chairman hans schneider explained to local nature enthusiasts the characteristics of each plot of land, how to care for it to preserve biodiversity, and the history of its acquisition. "Whether the soil is dry or wet, loamy or sandy – every meadow orchard provides a unique habitat for numerous animal and plant species," stressed the conservationist, on whose initiative many BN properties were acquired in the 1970s and 1980s. The prerequisite for the development of an insect world that has become rare in the meantime is to know and take into account the needs of the species. With beautiful butterflies, many people are excited, he said. But with the caterpillars, which depend on different food plants, enthusiasm often wanes. The butterfly and the caterpillar are the same animal. Gerda hartner took the opportunity to inform guests about the possibilities of contributing to the preservation of biodiversity in the orchard meadows.

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