Parking only in designated areas

Wild parking in the old town of abtswinder is to be brought under control. On monday, annika dietrich from pbconsult in nurnberg presented a survey of the situation and initial recommendations. The municipal councils only agreed with this to a limited extent. They demanded that the maximum possible number of pitches be included in the plan. Whether all of them are to be designated, is to be decided later. Parking will then only be allowed in designated spaces.

During a site inspection on a weekday in july at around 6 p.M., dietrich had determined the number of vehicles parked on public property to be around 200, most of them in the old town. Based on the assumption that an average of 1.7 parking spaces are required per property, she put the total number of parking spaces required at 40, of which 20 are in the main street, five in the market square, three in the greuther street, eight in the parish alley and four in the ebracher alley. The prerequisite is that residents take advantage of the opportunity to park vehicles on their own property and do not choose the convenient space on the street. Dietrich recommended, not least for optical reasons, to start with the market place and the main street, then to tackle the greuther street and the parish street, and finally the ebracher street. The municipality should consider designating additional parking space at the edge of the old village. There is no entitlement to a parking space in the immediate vicinity of the property.

The prioritization of dietrich contradicted the rate energetically. Herrmann hofer and heiko darr stressed that the highest priority was given to pfarrgasse and greuther strabe. There was not always guaranteed that rescue or mull vehicles came through. Darr also proposed limiting the duration of parking in public spaces to three hours. This was to prevent residents from permanently parking their cars on the street. Where there is actually no parking space on one’s own property, a resident parking permit could be issued, suggested second mayor jurgen bunnagel.

Changes are in the offing for the Hawks

The current season is over for the habfurt hawks and lukas kratschmer is already looking ahead again. Despite repeatedly missing out on promotion to the bavarian league, the up-and-comer, who made the leap from his own junior squad to the first team last september, is "generally satisfied" with the 2019/2020 season satisfied.

Naturally, the "icing on the cake" would have been, reaching the semifinal play-offs, and thus extending the season beyond february, would have been desirable not only for him. "After our strong preliminary round, we are naturally disappointed that it wasn’t enough in the end," says kratschmer, says the 19-year-old, whose debut record is impressive: he scored 18 points (eleven goals) in 40 of 41 possible games. "But", he admits in a sporting fairness "you also have to acknowledge that the other teams have played more consistently and so deserved to be in the top four places."

The hawks’ failure to capitalize on opportunities

After the narrow 3:4 defeat against ESC kempten, the premature "out" was sealed and also the last slide rule could be put in the corner. Kratschmer, who was only unable to play in the final game in bad aibling due to illness, sees two main reasons for this: "on the one hand, our lack of opportunities, especially in power play situations. On the other hand our defensive behavior at the beginning of the promotion round."

elephant-oma has a weak attack - fire department arrives with crane

At 53, tina the elephant is one of the oldest animals of her species in europe, the zoo announced. The elephant cow had lain down for a midday nap on a damp sand mound in its enclosure and then never came up again. Elephant keepers and veterinarians were unable to lift the 3.4-ton animal up with human strength, so the fire department had to be called in as emergency helpers.
Until their arrival tina was cooled with water, she also got several infusions and emergency medication. "Similar to old horses that lie down for a long time, old elephants can also suffer cardiac arrest", zoo spokeswoman christiane reib explained the precautionary measures. However, it had not been easy to pull the loops of the crane under tina. The heavy animal always had to be moved around a bit on the ground. But finally the community action was successful. "We are very relieved that it worked out", said reib.
"Rollators and walking aids are enough for people, but that’s no longer possible for such a large animal, explained zoo director andreas knieriem. "Thanks to the great readiness of the fire department and the hellabrunn team, we were able to help the old lady elephant this time."
According to the zoo, tina has been losing weight for a year, even though she is already receiving special food, supplements and medication. Already at the end of february, she had circulatory problems and difficulties getting up, at that time she was still able to get up on her own by the animal keepers. "Tina is a very old lady elephant", said knieriem. "We do everything we can to enable her to grow old in a way that is worth living."

First bowling tournament at the kronach retirement home

Now it's official: the lucas cranach senior citizens' home has its own bowling alley. And not the usual one, where you have to bend down deep, but a wooden one, standing on legs, portable and easy to take apart.

Even wheelchair users can bowl at the senior bowling alley. Because the lane is so high that it could be operated even while sitting down. "We have now first tested the bowling alley with the residents. Because that's what we always do before we buy something", says home manager harald klier. But the residents of the lucas cranach home like bowling. They also like it better than bowling at a game console or something similar. Because the wooden ball lies well in the hand. And the seniors really get excited when the wooden cones fall over with a clatter.

Training for the tournament
In the past weeks the seniors tried out the lane again and again and trained a little bit for the tournament.

Through moors and gorges to the highest peaks

Starting and ending point of the 18-kilometer-long "extratour rotes moor" circular trail is the parking lot "moordorf between bischofsheim and wustensachsen, where the house on the red moor also offers a place to stop for refreshments.

To look over the moor

The hiker now crosses the federal highway B278 to reach the red moor. After the artificially dammed moor pond, which covers the wounds of peat cutting and provides the moor with vital moisture again, the hiker reaches the oak plank path, which, peppered with all kinds of information about the moor, leads to a lookout tower. From this point the visitor has a view of the moor and the heidelstein behind it on the long rhon, which will be reached later in the course of the hike.

But first the path turns west and dives into the hollow, picturesque valley of the feldbach, better known as the "kaskadenschlucht" (cascade gorge). After crossing the gorge, the path climbs again to the north at its end and leads to the mathesberg, which offers good views of the wasserkuppe and the ulster valley.

Mobility through ride-sharing

A quick trip to the doctor, to pick up a prescription, to get a pound of butter at the supermarket, or to meet a friend in the neighboring village for a chat over coffee and cake – that’s no problem for car owners. However, those who live far from the centers and do not have a vehicle, have a hard time.

"We travel back and forth between the towns so often and often had room to take someone with us who was interested", thought angela hennemann. In the meantime, not only the communities of ebensfeld and zapfendorf are working together, but also the districts of bamberg and lichtenfels, supported by oberfranken offensiv. For the symbolic kick-off, the project participants now met directly at the junction of the counties.

Zapfendorf’s mayor volker dittrich explained the history of the project: the idea originated in oberleiterbach. Angela hennemann, the second chairwoman of the horticultural association, then sought talks with the two communities.

Between aerobics and magic cubes

Those were the fat years, when fat hedgehogs were on the table and children felt like grown-ups when there was malt beer and chocolate cigarettes. Smoking was not only in the pub. But also on the soccer field, in trains and on television talk shows. People were full and sought pleasure without hesitation. And the economy brought a lot of new achievements on the market: the computerization started, answering machines, microwaves and videorecorders were also a good business for french companies.

There are so many things that are typical of this time: the aerobics wave that came over from america in bright colors and the equally colorful rubik's cube that millions of germans played with for a few years. This time was full of fashionable derailments and curious trends. But can the feeling of life be described so easily?

Sociologists and historians distinguish between politics, economy, society and culture. Many things changed then: the protest movements of the 1970s changed, but crisis awareness is as much a part of the 1980s as the rude demonstrations at the west runway in frankfurt and against nuclear energy in brokdorf, wackersdorf and gorleben. People were afraid of nuclear death – and watched "traumschiff" and "schwarzwaldklinik", consumed heavily and sang with the new german wave band "geier sturzflug" (vulture nosedive) "now we're spitting in our hands again". The economy changed and became more international. Many things were in the offing then and are decisive in the present. Some things have been – and are almost forgotten. A little nostalgia is allowed.

Demo before the city council meeting

Much ado about nothing – this is how the discussion about a possible change of ownership of the three municipal children’s homes in upper burglab, creidlitz and seidmannsdorf could be summed up. As soon as the many concerned parents, educators and children from the affected facilities had taken their seats in the town hall on thursday, mayor norbert kastner (SPD) surprised them with a statement: "there is indeed a discussion about possible changes of sponsor – but no application for a new one." In other words, there was no reason to discuss or even vote on a change of sponsor.

Only for the kinderhaus am oberen burglab, for whose staff there has so far been a complicated construction via the sisterhood, a decision had to be made regarding the future (also municipal) staff sponsorship.

Monika ufken (SPD) had nevertheless wanted a basic decision so that there would be long-term planning security for the kinderhausers. But kastner emphasized once again: "all three will remain in the hands of the city – until someone wants something else and applies for it. It’s always like that in life."

The jesters are already shaking their booties. On 11.11. The cultural ring starts the "fifth" with the carnival revelation season. The town hall is stormed and turned into a "temple of fools" transformed, promises cultural ring chairman eberhard wohl.

Mayor robert herrmann (CSU) will then become the "last" mayor times of probably and the remaining members of the elferrat into the "temporary" retirement" before he finally vacates the chair in the town hall after the municipal elections. The "eberner schorschla" and the "bellman will take custody of the rathausschlussel and the city treasury.

New butt speaker
Further high points are to be reached at the "power transfer" as always at 11 a.M.11 o'clock takes place. So the heubacher gardemadchen show their new gardetanz and elferrats-prasident probably will gloss in a foolish prologue the city happening.

Trade union: more and more hostility against police officers

The german police union has complained of increasing disrespect and hostility towards police officers. "We need more respect and more appreciation for our police," federal chairman rainer wendt told the "passauer neue presse".

"It’s not just the number of missions that imprint and burden. There are hostilities, insults, attacks and violence, sweeping suspicions and pure hatred, which the women and men on duty are confronted with."

Wendt also lamented "uble agitation over alleged structural racism and police violence and a climate of contempt and disrespect". The forces needed the certainty "that the civilian leadership of our country stands behind them, otherwise state authority cannot be secured. And without state authority, social cohesion cannot be ensured". In addition, wendt announced a campaign under the motto "polizeiwertschatzen. In recent weeks, right-wing extremist chat groups of police officers, among others, have caused a stir in several federal states.

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