Closure: green light for the b470 near adelsdorf

Breathing a sigh of relief in adelsdorf: as planned, the road rehabilitation of the B470 is to be completed this weekend. Closures in the municipal area and detours will then be lifted. The state building authority of nurnberg, the builder of the mabnahme, had issued a suspension until 31. August announced. If everything goes according to plan, it stays that way.

The traffic lights installed at the intersection with ERH 16 are expected to be put into operation on tuesday. The traffic lights are already in place, workers draw weibe road markings. In adelsdorf, hopes nevertheless continue to be pinned on a traffic circle connecting the B 470 with the entrances to adelsdorf and neuhaus (ERH 16).

Continued hope for a traffic circle

"We will continue to follow this critically and see if it works the way we were told it would", emphasizes mayor karsten fischkal (). It was a unanimous decision in the district council to plan a traffic circle, he recalled at a recent meeting of the council. But he’s not a principled driver: "if it turns out that the traffic lights are working, then hats off to you, says fischkal. Of course, this will only become clear in the near future.

Cold wave comes just in time

Poets, women smoke rises above the adelsdorf woodchip plant on the building yard grounds. This is a sign of the unusually high consumption of wood. The smoke consists mainly of water vapor, because the wood chips contain about a quarter of their weight of water, which evaporates during combustion. The crisp cold is the reason why the community of adelsdorf’s wood chip plant is currently running at full speed.

Wolfgang moblein, the head of the adelsdorf energy company, explains: "it only gets this cold every five years, and this year it’s that time again. That is why we need more wood at the moment." Normally more wood is needed in january, but this month has been warmer than average compared to now. "Fortunately, we get a lot of fuel from the preparatory clearing work for the six-lane expansion of the A3. We have secured a part of this wood and can now calmly face this short or perhaps longer cold wave", he is happy.

Wood has high calorific value

"Due to the very good quality of the material – it is mostly hardwood – we can run the plant with 20 percent more power than usual." Normally the wood chip plant is run with soft wood from the surrounding area, which has a lower heating value than hard wood.

By our editor
jutta behr-groh

bamberg – the indictment against the former bamberg chief physician comprises 17 pages. The charges explain the unusually large number of media representatives and presumably also listeners for which the judicial authorities at wilhelmsplatz have been preparing for weeks: rape and sexual assault, dangerous bodily harm, and violation of the highly personal sphere through image recordings are alleged to have been committed by the almost 50-year-old physician.

Many victims were patients
According to the investigations of the public prosecutor's office, 13 women were the victims, most of them patients of the doctor.

Mayor christine konrad will not run again in 2020

A good year before the municipal elections, it is clear that after eight years in office, dettelbach’s mayor christine konrad will not run again for dettelbach’s free electoral office. During the 2017 summer interview, konrad had told this editorial team that it would be "very interesting and a lot of fun" to be active in shaping the development of public life. This must have changed fundamentally in the course of the past year.

At a press conference on monday afternoon, christine konrad – in a read-out declaration of "personal reasons" – declared that she would claims. She had been thinking last summer about whether she wanted to run for a second term. In the fall, the decision was made not to run again in 2020. Until then, however, they will be "with great commitment and heart and soul" continue to hold her office. The farewell from the mayor’s office will also be a farewell from politics, and she will not run again for the city council, konrad stressed.

Roland nagel, chairman of the free-choice group in the dettelbach city council, regretted this step. He clarified: "we had continued with her in any case!" Rumors that it was canceled are false. In order to deprive them of the basis, it was decided to make the press statement at the present time.

Eon needs time to rebuild

"It will take time to sustainably build the new eon with strong earnings power and appropriate prices for our shares," chief executive johannes teyssen said at the annual general meeting in essen on friday. It is not about short-term adjustments, but structural changes.

In view of the shrinking profits due to the energy turnaround and the nuclear phase-out, eon is focusing on new markets in emerging countries. Teyssen admitted that there could be jolts in the process. "But those who dare can gain a great deal with such future-oriented businesses. Those who fearfully do not move despite shrinking base at home have already lost."

In brazil, the group recently had to inject new money because its partner there – billionaire eike batista – had run into financial difficulties. The total investment now amounts to more than 1.1 billion euros. Among shareholders, therefore, concerns are already spreading. "We fear that brazil is a risk class (..) is too rough," said fund manager ingo speich of union investment, for example, according to the manuscript.

Dieter hecking was in a great mood for a long time. But then timmy simons and per nilsson spoiled their former coach’s easter sunday. "Mablos pissed" was the new coach of vfl wolfsburg after the 2:2 (2:0) against 1. FC nurnberg.

Hecking admits he thought "scheib-gegentor" when he scored the equalizer. The coach, who moved from france to lower saxony almost three months ago, had to realize once again that the job at the vfl is much more difficult than he had thought when he made the switch. "It’s about general, not that it was against nurnberg," he said: "it was a mirror image of the ruckrunde."

Hecking watched in shock as his former team turned around a bundesliga game it had almost lost and scored twice with defensive players simons and nilsson (61. And 66. Minute) got another point.

Markus huth in bad bruckenau: animals as a real challenge

In times of the internet and globalization, things are possible that otto normal consumers could not have imagined before. There are even special websites where people with a thirst for experience can apply for the job of pet sitter – usually for a precisely defined period of time. Journalist and photographer markus huth has taken the plunge.

In a small circle, the 37-year-old created an entertaining evening for the rhon audience at a joint event of the city’s cultural office and the gallery form+color. The focus of the varied reading was, of course, huth’s current book "mit 80 viechern um die welt" ("around the world with 80 animals"), which has already attracted a lot of media attention in recent weeks. Afterwards, the author also answered the audience’s questions about his not exactly everyday occupation, which he carried out for around one and a half years.

Curiosity and naivety

In his statements, huth by no means conceals the fact that, in addition to the proverbial healthy curiosity, he also had a portion of naivete in play. After all, the first job on la gomera had turned out to be quite easy in principle. But that’s not how being a pet sitter should stay. For example, on a horse ranch in bulgaria, real challenges awaited the "cowboy in training" real challenges that he was not always up to. Instead of riding high on horseback through the area, the first thing was to clean up dirt low to the ground.

debt cut: talks with athens come to nothing

According to greek finance minister evangelos venizelos told greek state television (NET), they are scheduled to meet next wednesday (18. January) to be continued in athens. Venizelos commented on the language only as "useful". Venizelos, greek prime minister lucas papademos and IFF chief charles dallara are primarily involved in the talks.

The day before, the IIF had said there were still "unresolved core issues" and time was running out. Exactly what the sticking points are has not been made public. According to information from greek sources, however, the issue is the interest rate of the new bonds that are to replace the old bonds after the debt cut of 50 percent, as well as guarantees that there will be no new debt cut.

In addition, it is being negotiated which law should apply in the event of possible legal entanglements. The banks want the stricter british law to apply in this case, not greek law, and disputes to be negotiated in the united kingdom, it said.

The unanimous decision in february was followed by silence for the time being: as far as the plans for the globe are concerned, the city council is to receive new information in may, says legal counsel stefanie grundmann. So far, it has only been decided that the offer of the joint venture of the companies brose, HUK coburg and kaeser will be accepted. These three companies want to build the globe on the guterbahnhof site and invest three million euros in the construction themselves.
The state of bavaria has pledged a further ten million euros. This is now also available in writing, and there is a proposal as to how the financing agreement with the free state of bavaria could be changed, says grundmann. The ten million euros are due to the fact that the state of bavaria is paying for three quarters of the general renovation of the landestheater. Accordingly, he also participated in the construction of an interim stage for the theater.
A maximum amount was not specified, and it was a condition that the interim playground should not be a permanent building. That has changed – thanks mainly to michael stoschek, chairman of the brose shareholders' meeting. He had personally approached markus soder, at that time still minister of finance, and convinced him that it would make more sense for the free state to subsidize a permanent solution with a fixed amount.
It also had to be clarified under which legal conditions the city could accept the offer of the joint venture. Actually, the city had wanted to erect an interim playground at the anger and had opened a europe-wide tendering procedure for it. The fact that the city cannot easily award the contract for a globe at the guterbahnhof to the joint venture was already mentioned at the city council meeting in february. "We are still in the legal process", says stefanie grundmann. With it a specialized office is assigned. She expects, however, that this can be completed by the city council meeting in may. 

Hurricane "harvey" caused severe devastation and flooding in the u.S. State of texas. About 340 000 people were without power supply, according to governor greg abbott in the early afternoon (local time).

One resident died in the hardest-hit town of rockport on the gulf of mexico. Here is where "harvey" made landfall late friday night (local time) as the strongest hurricane to hit the U.S. In twelve years.

And that was just the beginning: meteorologists predicted that "harvey" – although now greatly weakened – would bring record rainfall and dangerous flooding to the region. According to abbott, some locations between corpus christi in the west and houston in the east were expected to receive between 500 and 750 millimeters of precipitation per square meter within the next few days – in some cases more than it normally rains there within a year. In total, abbott declared 50 counties as emergency areas.

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