Painter and sculptor hubert weber died

Painter and sculptor hubert weber died

For hubert weber life consisted of rings. From rainer maria rilke's growing rings: "i live my life in growing rings that stretch over things. I may not be able to achieve the last one, but I want to try." This motif has always preoccupied the artist, it appears in many of his works.

"He had already been able to accomplish one more", says his son-in-law gerhard fehn. Hubert weber was mentally fit until the end "i paint until the brush falls out of my hand", he always said. Since last monday he no longer paints. The painter and sculptor, who was known far beyond his native country, died in the arms of his daughter ulrike.

Humorous. This is the first thing ulrike fehn says about her father. He was humorous and life-affirming, and never had any regrets about his fate. It was one of the hardest things you can imagine: at the age of 21, hubert weber lost both his arms on the way from the balkans to the russian front when he fell between two wagons and was run over by the train.

Surgeon discovers his talent
He was taken to a viennese military hospital, and his father did everything he could to help him. He turned to the world famous surgeon ferdinand sauerbruch. Ten times operated on him in the years 1941 and 1942, overstretched hubert weber's left, completely destroyed upper arm with its half shinbone. The young man received two so-called sauerbruch prostheses, which were attached to his tendons with tiny ivory rods and which he was able to move "without thinking, as daughter ulrike explains.

It was also the surgeon who discovered and challenged hubert weber's artistic talent. "Hubert", he said "you must not become just a hobby artist, you must study and make art your life's work"!"

Already in the healing phase hubert weber therefore attended an introductory course, later studied at the academies of fine arts in nurnberg, ellingen and stuttgart, where he worked in the master class of willi baumeister.

He designed over 20 churches
He discovered the art of building for himself and designed in the course of time more than 20 churches, universities, schools, hospitals and administrative buildings throughout germany. For this he received, among other things, the state prize of the university of munster/westphalia.

The artist painted his murals, some of them high up, himself, but he also lived a full life outside of art: he swam, cycled and skied. "He went down the steepest slopes without any sticks", ulrike fehn remembers. He talked to everyone, and many people didn't notice that he had prostheses instead of hands, despite his gestures and narrative style.

Hubert weber was also one of the founders of the lions club, and worked for 17 years as an honorary local historian, for which he was awarded the federal cross of merit in 1996. Again and again new rings were created under his artistic hands. He did not manage to score the last one. But he tried it.


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