Parking only in designated areas

Parking only in designated areas

Wild parking in the old town of abtswinder is to be brought under control. On monday, annika dietrich from pbconsult in nurnberg presented a survey of the situation and initial recommendations. The municipal councils only agreed with this to a limited extent. They demanded that the maximum possible number of pitches be included in the plan. Whether all of them are to be designated, is to be decided later. Parking will then only be allowed in designated spaces.

During a site inspection on a weekday in july at around 6 p.M., dietrich had determined the number of vehicles parked on public property to be around 200, most of them in the old town. Based on the assumption that an average of 1.7 parking spaces are required per property, she put the total number of parking spaces required at 40, of which 20 are in the main street, five in the market square, three in the greuther street, eight in the parish alley and four in the ebracher alley. The prerequisite is that residents take advantage of the opportunity to park vehicles on their own property and do not choose the convenient space on the street. Dietrich recommended, not least for optical reasons, to start with the market place and the main street, then to tackle the greuther street and the parish street, and finally the ebracher street. The municipality should consider designating additional parking space at the edge of the old village. There is no entitlement to a parking space in the immediate vicinity of the property.

The prioritization of dietrich contradicted the rate energetically. Herrmann hofer and heiko darr stressed that the highest priority was given to pfarrgasse and greuther strabe. There was not always guaranteed that rescue or mull vehicles came through. Darr also proposed limiting the duration of parking in public spaces to three hours. This was to prevent residents from permanently parking their cars on the street. Where there is actually no parking space on one’s own property, a resident parking permit could be issued, suggested second mayor jurgen bunnagel.

The council agreed that visual considerations should not be the primary concern. Therefore, the planning office should determine the maximum possible, legally secured number of parking spaces and draw them into the plan. This would be done without additional costs, dietrich assured in response to a question from rudolf weikert.

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