Plagiarism with human livelihoods

It is not unusual for the parties not to disclose details until the contract is finalized. Anything else would be more than stupid from a business point of view. The deal between metro and the SCP group is said to have been worth a billion euros. But: the choice of the past tense is not a typo. The deal in question is already on 13. February went over the stage.

Day-to-day business in real stores has continued unchanged for the past four months. But behind the scenes, the SCP group was already setting the course, making basic decisions and negotiating with prospective buyers about individual real locations.

The decision on the future of many of the 272 stores has already been made behind the walls of silence – but the employees affected continue to be kept in the dark. But this is not about the question of whether the christmas bonus will be a little smaller this year, but about nothing less than the professional existence of 34,000 people – the people who keep the company running every day.

When thousands of employees lose their jobs, it’s always bad. But the worst are months of sleepless nights of uncertainty. I wish all real employees that this dishonesty will soon come to an end – and that those who plank around with human existences like with play figures will also experience one or the other sleepless night.

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