Police end prison riot in indonesia

police end prison riot in indonesia

In indonesia, a prison riot ended after more than 24 hours with six people dead. According to the police, the last of more than 150 prisoners, who had also taken several police officers hostage, surrendered.

Shortly before, explosions and gunfire could be heard coming from the headquarters of an elite police unit at the gates of the capital jakarta. The police declared shortly afterwards that everything was under control.

Five members of the elite unit and one detainee were killed in the riot on wednesday. The exact course of events is still unclear. According to the police, a total of 36 weapons and materials for the construction of explosive devices were seized in the detention center. Some of the detainees are said to be followers of the islamic terrorist militia islamic state (IS). Police, however, denied that IS was behind the uprising.

With more than 250 million inhabitants, indonesia is the most populous muslim country in the world. Several times there were also attacks by islamists.


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