Radio host faces jail for child molestation

Radio host faces jail for child molestation

The 39-year-old man had previously confessed to repeatedly sexually abusing a girl, initially aged twelve, between 2005 and 2008.

In total, the prosecution had accused the man of 46 individual acts. Convicted of 26 counts, including 6 counts of aggravated sexual abuse up to the age of 13. Year of life of the girl. The subsequent offenses were dropped.

The public was excluded at the beginning of the trial to protect the witness, who is now 20 years old, and the nationally known moderator. In sentencing, the judge refrained from mentioning intimate details of the acts.

The verdict was reached after an agreement between the parties involved in the trial. They had agreed that the man could face a prison sentence of between three years and two months and three years and six months if he made a full confession. In august, a court spokesman had said the defendant faced a possible prison sentence of more than ten years.

According to the judge, the confession of the perpetrator and the fact that the sexual acts were consensual were considered mitigating factors. However, the moderator had unscrupulously acted out his sexual interests, had unprotected sexual intercourse with the girl and exploited her naivety.


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