Redevelopment or new building – what will happen to the stadtsteinach daycare center??

Redevelopment or new building - what will happen to the stadtsteinach daycare center??

The daycare center on lehenthaler weg is bursting at the seams. For this reason, the daycare children have already had to move into rooms in the so-called post office buildings. And the demand continues to grow: there is already talk of a further group.

A fundamental decision

In addition, the daycare center building is getting on in years. Substantial renovation work is necessary. Against this backdrop, the responsible parties from the city and the catholic church foundation are faced with a fundamental decision: what makes more sense: the renovation and expansion of the existing building or a completely new building??

The building is the property of the catholic church foundation st. Michael stadtsteinach. From this point of view, it is the church that is responsible for the financing of the construction work. But it is not quite that simple: there is a deficit contract with the political community, i.E. The city of stadtsteinach. If the daycare center’s financial year ends with a loss, the municipality must close the gap – 100 percent of the time.

In addition, it is common practice for the church and the city to share the costs of tree removals. In this respect, the city is involved in deciding what the future of the daycare center should look like.

Urgent need for action

And now there is an urgent need for action. The property is 41 years old and is no longer up to date. The roof and fencing are in need of repair. The heating system is also past its prime. In order to accommodate the children, an extension would have to be built. But the plot of land at lehenthaler weg hardly allows it. The city council has already thought about this – but mostly in closed sessions.

However, it was clear that a fundamental renovation and extension would entail immense costs. You quickly find yourself in the range of 1.5 to two million euros. A future-proof solution should also include the children of the after-school care center. They moved out last year – into a building of the former post office buildings, which was purchased by benno dressel, an entrepreneur from deckenreuth. There, alterations amounting to 200,000 euros were made in order to adapt the rooms to the requirements. This solution is a temporary solution for a limited period of time. If the children, who were happy in their new home, wanted to stay in the long term, further high investments were unavoidable. In view of these aspects, the city council is faced with a fundamental decision: expand and renovate the existing daycare center or build a completely new facility?

Everything is not yet ready for decision

After an on-site meeting, the free voters brought another variant into play. They have considered moving the entire daycare center to the post office buildings. It is questionable whether this proposal will be accepted by the majority, since neither the church nor the city owns the property. In addition, this solution would entail high expenditures.

Considering all the arguments, it is no wonder that many people are thinking of building a new building. This offered the planner greater freedom of design and the opportunity to create a state-of-the-art building. In addition, there are far better requirements for a new building than for an extension with renovation. It is therefore understandable that there is a certain tendency in the city council towards a completely new kindergarten. This was confirmed by mayor roland wolfrum (SPD) in response to a question from the editorial office. He asked for understanding that he could not give any details, as the discussions took place in a closed session and therefore there was a duty of confidentiality. However, it was clear that the matter had to be decided, because the nursery on the old pressecker street only had a temporary permit. It will expire in four years.

"We are trying to find a future-proof solution for the daycare center and the nursery", insured wolfrum. The committee will deal with the topic before the end of the year.

Suitable land

The city is in close contact with the catholic church. According to our information, a meeting has already taken place with the archdiocese of bamberg, which was attended by wolfrum and his deputy. There were already considerations about the potential location of a new kindergarten. This was confirmed by church administrator klaus geier. The church foundation has a suitable plot of land, which is generously dimensioned at around one hectare and thus offers plenty of design possibilities. It is strategically located between the home garden, skater facility and the company P+R. "The land is relatively close to the city center and is easy to reach by foot", according to the church caretaker. Geier sees an opportunity there to realize a rough solution.

However, there is one drawback: the traffic accessibility. It would make sense to use the bridge that connects the land with the weirstrabe. This construction is however dilapidated and no longer sustainable. It is now only open for pedestrians and cyclists. During the construction of a kindergarten it had to be renewed.

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