Rhon remains a quality nature park until 2018

Rhon remains a quality nature park until 2018

The "nature park and biosphere reserve bayerische rhon" has taken part in the "quality offensive nature parks" evaluation process of the association of german nature parks and is now entitled to the award "quality nature park" wear. The award is valid until 30. September 2018 gultig. As managing director klaus spitz explained, not only was there an extensive list of questions to work through, but a scout from the association also came to oberelsbach to take a look at the nature park's work on the spot.

He had several discussions, among others with the managing director and employees, with district administrator thomas habermann and mayor birgit erb. All in all, the "nature park and biosphere reserve of the bavarian rhon" is to be commended a "very good overall impression" has been confirmed.

Revision of the framework concept
One recommendation was made: the nature park plan should be revised as a planning basis. As spitzl explained, the framework concept is to be revised in the course of the expansion of the bavarian rhon biosphere reserve. "Since the area of the biosphere reserve is almost identical to the nature park, it does not make sense to create two concepts." The cooperation within the management center in oberelsbach was particularly positively received during the quality check. "We are very well positioned in many areas, there is hardly any potential for improvement", said spitzl .

Thanks and congratulations were received from landrat thomas habermann. "Such a distinction must first be earned." The presentation of the nature park to the scout was excellent, he said. Bertram eidel from the government of lower franconia used the opportunity of the annual meeting of the association "nature park and biosphere reserve bayerische rhon", to address the planned expansion of the bavarian part of the biosphere reserve rhon and the designation of core zone areas. The expansion was only possible because it was possible to provide core zone areas now totaling around 3900 hectares. Although this did not always work smoothly, it was successful thanks to the cooperation between districts, cities and municipalities as well as the state of bavaria.

Decision in the middle of 2014
"Without the contribution of the municipalities we could not have done it", underlined district administrator thomas habermann. The application for extension was decided by the german MAB national committee in mid-september and sent to paris with a positive vote. Now we have to wait for the decision of UNESCO, which is expected in mid-2014.

One topic of discussion was the use of the forest. District administrator habermann made it clear that "old woodsmen" are also welcome are needed. "Not everything must be harvested, it must also be preserved for the next generation." His criticism was clearly directed at the state forestry authorities. He advised the mayors to ask critical questions and not to get carried away by the "fast money" from the forest.


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